Elegant Canadian Bacon Brunch Casserole Recipe from Canada

Elegant Canadian Bacon Brunch Casserole

Elegant Canadian Bacon Brunch Casserole Recipe from Canada
Region / culture: Canada | Preparation time: 20 minutes | Cooking time: 1 hour | Servings: 8


Elegant Canadian Bacon Brunch Casserole
Elegant Canadian Bacon Brunch Casserole

This Elegant Canadian Bacon Brunch Casserole is a delicious and hearty dish that is perfect for a weekend brunch or special occasion. It is easy to prepare and can be made ahead of time, making it a convenient option for entertaining guests.


The Canadian Bacon Brunch Casserole is a classic dish that has been enjoyed by families for generations. It is a popular choice for brunch gatherings and special occasions due to its rich and savory flavors.


How to prepare

  1. Butter a rectangular baking dish, then place 8 slices of bread in the bottom.
  2. Top each slice with ham and cheese, then top with the remaining bread slices.
  3. In a medium bowl, beat the eggs, then add the remaining ingredients except for butter and corn flakes.
  4. Cover the dish and refrigerate overnight.
  5. In the morning, toss the cornflakes with melted butter and sprinkle them over the casserole.
  6. Bake the casserole uncovered at 350°F (177°C) for 1 hour.
  7. Let the casserole stand for 10 minutes before cutting it into squares.


  • Substitute the Canadian bacon with cooked sausage or ham for a different flavor profile.
  • Add diced tomatoes or spinach for a pop of color and added nutrients.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

Be sure to remove the crusts from the bread slices to ensure a smooth and even texture in the casserole.

- Refrigerating the casserole overnight allows the flavors to meld together and makes for a more flavorful dish.

- Adding a sprinkle of crushed corn flakes on top adds a crunchy texture to the casserole.

Serving Suggestions

This casserole can be served with a side of fresh fruit or a green salad for a complete meal.

Cooking Techniques

Be sure to refrigerate the casserole overnight to allow the flavors to develop.

- Baking the casserole uncovered ensures a crispy and golden top.

Ingredient Substitutions

Use whole wheat bread for a healthier option.

- Substitute the sharp cheddar cheese with Swiss or Gruyere for a different flavor.

Make Ahead Tips

This casserole can be assembled the night before and refrigerated overnight, making it a convenient option for busy mornings.

Presentation Ideas

Serve the casserole on a platter garnished with fresh herbs for a beautiful presentation.

Pairing Recommendations

This casserole pairs well with a mimosa or a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

Leftover casserole can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Reheat in the oven or microwave until heated through.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

Each serving of this casserole contains approximately 350 calories.


Each serving of this casserole contains approximately 25 grams of carbohydrates.


Each serving of this casserole contains approximately 15 grams of fat.


Each serving of this casserole contains approximately 18 grams of protein.

Vitamins and minerals

This casserole is a good source of calcium, vitamin A, and iron.


This casserole contains dairy (cheese, milk, butter) and wheat (bread) allergens.


This casserole is a balanced meal that provides a good mix of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It is a satisfying and filling dish that is perfect for a brunch or special occasion.


This Elegant Canadian Bacon Brunch Casserole is a delicious and satisfying dish that is perfect for a weekend brunch or special occasion. With its rich flavors and easy preparation, it is sure to become a favorite in your recipe collection.

How did I get this recipe?

I can still remember the exact moment I discovered this recipe. It was a sunny Saturday morning, and I had invited a few friends over for brunch. I wanted to make something special, something that would impress them and leave them asking for the recipe. As I was flipping through my old recipe book, I came across a handwritten note from my dear friend Margaret.

Margaret was a fantastic cook, and she had traveled all over the world, collecting recipes and inspiration along the way. The note read, "Elegant Canadian Bacon Brunch Casserole - a crowd pleaser that will have everyone coming back for seconds." Intrigued, I decided to give it a try.

The ingredients were simple enough - Canadian bacon, eggs, cheese, and some fresh herbs. I gathered everything I needed and got to work in the kitchen. As I mixed the eggs and cheese together, the aroma of the bacon sizzling in the pan filled the air. I knew this dish was going to be something special.

After baking in the oven for a little over an hour, the casserole emerged golden brown and bubbling. I couldn't wait to dig in. As my friends sat down at the table, I served them each a generous slice of the casserole. The first bite was met with silence, followed by a chorus of "mmms" and "wows." I knew I had hit the jackpot with this recipe.

As we enjoyed our brunch, my friends asked me where I had learned to make such a delicious dish. I proudly told them about Margaret and how she had shared the recipe with me. They were impressed, and I could see that they were already planning to make it for their own friends and family.

From that moment on, the Elegant Canadian Bacon Brunch Casserole became a staple in my cooking repertoire. I made it for family gatherings, potlucks, and any time I wanted to impress my guests. Each time I made it, I thought of Margaret and the joy that sharing a delicious meal can bring.

Over the years, I have tweaked the recipe here and there, adding my own twist with different cheeses or herbs. But the essence of the dish remains the same - a comforting and elegant casserole that never fails to impress.

As I sit here now, reflecting on that sunny Saturday morning and all the times I have made this dish since, I am grateful for the friendships and experiences that have brought this recipe into my life. Cooking has a way of connecting us to others, of creating memories and moments that we cherish forever.

So, if you ever find yourself looking for a special dish to serve at brunch or any other occasion, I highly recommend trying the Elegant Canadian Bacon Brunch Casserole. Who knows, it may just become a favorite in your own recipe collection, just as it has in mine. Happy cooking!


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