Apple-Raisin Flapjacks Recipe from USA

Apple-Raisin Flapjacks

Apple-Raisin Flapjacks Recipe from USA
Region / culture: USA | Preparation time: 10 minutes | Cooking time: 15 minutes | Servings: 4


Apple-Raisin Flapjacks
Apple-Raisin Flapjacks

Apple-Raisin Flapjacks are a delightful twist on the traditional pancake, incorporating the natural sweetness and nutritional benefits of apples and raisins into a breakfast favorite. This recipe offers a healthier alternative by using egg whites, non-fat milk, and a reduced baking mix, making it a perfect choice for those who are health-conscious but still crave the comfort of a warm, fluffy flapjack. The addition of nutmeg brings a hint of spice that complements the fruit flavors beautifully.


The concept of flapjacks dates back centuries, with variations found in many cultures around the world. The addition of fruits such as apples and raisins to pancakes is a more modern adaptation, aimed at enhancing the nutritional profile and flavor of the dish. This particular recipe, with its focus on healthier ingredients, reflects the growing trend towards mindful eating while still preserving the joy of indulging in a delicious breakfast or brunch item.


How to prepare

  1. In a large bowl, whisk the egg whites until foamy. Then, whisk in the milk and stir in the baking mix.
  2. Add the remaining ingredients and mix just until blended.
  3. Heat a griddle or heavy skillet over medium heat and coat it with vegetable cooking spray.
  4. Using a 0.25 cup measure, portion the batter onto the griddle.
  5. Cook until nicely browned, turning once, for about 3 minutes on each side.
  6. Serve hot with maple syrup or nonfat yogurt.


  • Consider adding a handful of chopped nuts for extra texture and nutrition, or swap the raisins for dried cranberries or blueberries for a different flavor profile.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

To ensure your Apple-Raisin Flapjacks turn out perfectly, consider the following tips:

- Make sure the griddle or skillet is properly heated before adding the batter to prevent sticking.

- Do not overmix the batter; a few lumps are okay and will help keep the flapjacks tender.

- Use fresh, firm Granny Smith apples for the best flavor and texture.

- For an extra flavor boost, you can soak the raisins in warm water or apple juice before adding them to the batter.

Serving Suggestions

Serve the flapjacks hot with a drizzle of maple syrup or a dollop of non-fat yogurt. For a more substantial meal, pair them with a side of scrambled egg whites or turkey bacon.

Cooking Techniques

For an even lighter version, try using a non-stick skillet or griddle to reduce the need for cooking spray. Also, experimenting with different heat levels can help achieve the perfect golden-brown crust without overcooking the interior.

Ingredient Substitutions

For a dairy-free version, substitute the non-fat milk with almond or soy milk. If you're not concerned about fat content, whole eggs can be used instead of egg whites for a richer flavor.

Make Ahead Tips

The batter can be prepared the night before and stored in the refrigerator, making morning preparation quick and easy. Just be sure to give it a gentle stir before cooking.

Presentation Ideas

Serve the flapjacks stacked high, garnished with thin apple slices and a sprinkle of cinnamon for an eye-catching and appetizing presentation.

Pairing Recommendations

Apple-Raisin Flapjacks pair wonderfully with a cup of hot coffee or tea. For a refreshing contrast, try serving them with a cold glass of apple cider.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

Leftover flapjacks can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. Reheat them in a toaster or oven for best results, as this will help maintain their texture.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

A serving of Apple-Raisin Flapjacks contains approximately 250 calories. This moderate calorie count makes them a suitable option for a nutritious breakfast or snack, especially when served with additional protein or fiber-rich sides.


Each serving of Apple-Raisin Flapjacks contains approximately 45 grams of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates come from the reduced baking mix, apples, and raisins, providing a good mix of simple and complex carbs for energy. The fiber from the apples and raisins also helps slow down the absorption of sugar, making it a more stable energy source.


This recipe is low in fats, with each serving containing less than 2 grams of fat. The minimal fat content is due to the use of egg whites and non-fat milk, making these flapjacks an excellent option for those monitoring their fat intake.


Each serving of Apple-Raisin Flapjacks provides approximately 8 grams of protein, primarily from the egg whites and milk. This amount of protein helps make the flapjacks a more satisfying and balanced meal option.

Vitamins and minerals

The apples and raisins in the flapjacks contribute a variety of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, potassium, and iron. These nutrients support overall health, including immune function, heart health, and energy production.


This recipe contains potential allergens such as eggs and wheat (from the baking mix). Those with allergies or sensitivities to these ingredients should take caution or seek alternative ingredients.


Overall, Apple-Raisin Flapjacks offer a balanced nutritional profile, with a good mix of carbohydrates, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals. They are low in fats and calories, making them a healthy option for a satisfying meal.


Apple-Raisin Flapjacks are a nutritious and delicious twist on a classic breakfast dish. With their balance of sweet fruit flavors, hint of spice, and health-conscious ingredients, they're sure to become a favorite. Whether you're serving them up for a family breakfast or enjoying them as a cozy brunch treat, these flapjacks offer a satisfying and wholesome meal option.

How did I get this recipe?

The first time I saw this recipe, I knew it was something I had to try. It was a warm summer day, and I was visiting my dear friend Martha who lived on a small farm just outside of town. As I walked into her cozy kitchen, the sweet aroma of apples and cinnamon greeted me, making my mouth water in anticipation.

Martha was standing at the stove, flipping golden brown flapjacks in a cast iron skillet. I could see plump raisins and chunks of juicy apple peeking out from the fluffy pancakes. "Oh, Martha, what is that delicious smell?" I asked, my curiosity piqued.

She smiled and motioned for me to take a seat at the kitchen table. "These are my famous Apple-Raisin Flapjacks," she said proudly. "Would you like to try some?"

I eagerly nodded and watched as Martha expertly plated the flapjacks and drizzled them with maple syrup. The first bite was pure heaven - the warm apples, plump raisins, and hint of cinnamon danced on my taste buds. I knew right then and there that I had to learn how to make this recipe.

Martha chuckled at my enthusiasm and handed me a tattered recipe card. "Here you go, dear. I hope you enjoy making these as much as I do."

I thanked her profusely and tucked the recipe card into my purse, already planning when I would make these delicious flapjacks for my own family.

As soon as I got home, I gathered all the ingredients for the Apple-Raisin Flapjacks. I carefully measured out the flour, baking powder, sugar, and cinnamon, just like Martha had shown me. I peeled and chopped the apples, and soaked the raisins in warm water to plump them up.

I heated a skillet on the stove and poured in the pancake batter, watching it bubble and sizzle as it cooked. The scent of apples and cinnamon filled my kitchen, just like it had at Martha's farm.

When the flapjacks were golden brown and fluffy, I plated them and drizzled them with maple syrup, just like Martha had done. I eagerly took a bite, and my taste buds were flooded with memories of that summer day at Martha's farm.

From that moment on, Apple-Raisin Flapjacks became a staple in my kitchen. I made them for breakfast on lazy Sundays, for special occasions, and whenever I needed a comforting treat.

Over the years, I added my own twists to the recipe, like a sprinkle of nutmeg or a dollop of whipped cream on top. I shared the recipe with friends and family, who all raved about the delicious combination of apples, raisins, and cinnamon in a fluffy pancake.

As time went on, I realized that the Apple-Raisin Flapjacks weren't just a recipe - they were a reminder of the special bond I shared with Martha. Every time I made them, I felt connected to her and the friendship we had forged over a shared love of cooking.

And so, whenever I make Apple-Raisin Flapjacks, I think of Martha and the warm summer day that started it all. I am grateful for the recipe she shared with me and the memories we created together in her cozy kitchen.

So, if you ever find yourself craving a comforting and delicious breakfast treat, I urge you to try my recipe for Apple-Raisin Flapjacks. I promise you won't be disappointed. Just be sure to savor every bite and remember the special moments that inspired this beloved recipe.


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