Arkansas Cheesecake Recipe - A Delicious Dessert from USA

Arkansas Cheesecake

Arkansas Cheesecake Recipe - A Delicious Dessert from USA
Region / culture: USA | Preparation time: 20 minutes | Cooking time: 10 minutes | Servings: 8


Arkansas Cheesecake
Arkansas Cheesecake

Arkansas Cheesecake is a delightful twist on the traditional cheesecake recipe, offering a lighter, fluffier texture and a unique blend of flavors that set it apart from its denser New York-style cousin. This recipe is perfect for those who love the creamy taste of cheesecake but prefer something a bit less heavy. With its simple ingredients and straightforward preparation method, Arkansas Cheesecake is a great dessert option for any occasion, from family gatherings to special celebrations.


The origins of Arkansas Cheesecake can be traced back to the Southern United States, where cooks have long been known for their ability to create delicious, comforting foods with whatever ingredients were readily available. This recipe is a testament to that tradition, utilizing common household items like cottage cheese and gelatin to produce a dessert that is both economical and delightful. Over the years, it has become a beloved treat in Arkansas and beyond, cherished for its unique texture and taste.


Crumb topping

How to prepare

  1. Take cottage cheese and cream in a blender until it becomes very smooth.
  2. Set it aside.
  3. Put the egg yolk in the top of a double boiler and beat it well, then add milk.
  4. Add gelatin and salt.
  5. Cook the mixture over boiling water until the gelatin dissolves and the mixture thickens (about 10 minutes).
  6. Remove it from the heat and add the sugar substitute.
  7. Allow it to cool.
  8. Add cottage cheese, lemon juice, and vanilla to the cooled mixture.
  9. Chill the mixture, stirring occasionally, until it mounds when dropped from a spoon.
  10. Beat the egg white until stiff.
  11. Fold the egg white and Cool Whip together into the mixture.
  12. Pour the mixture into a graham crust or pour it into a pie plate and top it with the crumb topping.

Crumb topping

  1. Crush graham crackers finely.
  2. Mix them with a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg.


  • For a twist on the classic recipe, consider adding a layer of fruit compote between the cheesecake mixture and the crumb topping. Blueberry, strawberry, or raspberry compote can add a delightful burst of flavor and color to the dessert.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

To ensure your Arkansas Cheesecake turns out perfectly, consider the following tips:

- Ensure the cottage cheese is blended until very smooth to avoid lumps in your cheesecake.

- When cooking the egg yolk mixture, constantly stir to prevent it from curdling.

- Allow the gelatin mixture to cool completely before adding it to the cheese mixture to prevent it from becoming too runny.

- For a firmer cheesecake, chill it in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours or overnight before serving.

Serving Suggestions

Serve your Arkansas Cheesecake chilled, garnished with fresh berries or a drizzle of fruit syrup for added flavor and a beautiful presentation. A dollop of additional lite whipped cream on top can also enhance its creamy texture.

Cooking Techniques

The key technique in this recipe is the careful blending of the cottage cheese to achieve a smooth consistency, as well as the gentle folding of the beaten egg whites into the mixture to maintain its light, airy texture.

Ingredient Substitutions

For those who prefer not to use artificial sweeteners, honey or maple syrup can be used as natural alternatives, though this will alter the nutritional content. Greek yogurt can also replace cottage cheese for a slightly different flavor and texture.

Make Ahead Tips

Arkansas Cheesecake can be made up to two days in advance and stored in the refrigerator until ready to serve. This allows the flavors to meld together and the cheesecake to firm up for the perfect texture.

Presentation Ideas

For an elegant presentation, serve individual slices on plates with a mint leaf garnish. A sprinkle of powdered sugar or cocoa powder can also add a touch of sophistication to the dessert.

Pairing Recommendations

Arkansas Cheesecake pairs wonderfully with a light, fruity wine such as a Riesling or a sparkling Moscato. For a non-alcoholic option, a freshly brewed cup of coffee or a glass of cold milk complements the dessert's flavors beautifully.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

Leftover cheesecake should be covered and stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. It is not recommended to freeze this dessert, as the texture may become grainy upon thawing.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

A typical serving of Arkansas Cheesecake contains approximately 150 calories, making it a lighter option compared to traditional cheesecake recipes, which can have upwards of 400 calories per slice.


A serving of Arkansas Cheesecake contains approximately 12 grams of carbohydrates. The majority of these carbs come from the graham cracker crust and the sugar substitute used in the recipe. Opting for a sugar substitute like Equal helps keep the carb count lower than traditional cheesecake recipes.


This cheesecake is relatively low in fat, thanks to the use of skim milk and lite whipped cream. A serving contains about 5 grams of fat, with only 2 grams being saturated fat. The cottage cheese also contributes to the fat content but is a healthier option compared to cream cheese.


Each serving of Arkansas Cheesecake provides around 7 grams of protein, primarily from the cottage cheese and egg. This makes it a dessert that can contribute to your daily protein intake, which is essential for muscle repair and growth.

Vitamins and minerals

Arkansas Cheesecake offers a range of vitamins and minerals, including calcium from the milk and cottage cheese, vitamin C from the lemon juice, and various B vitamins from the egg. These nutrients contribute to bone health, immune system function, and energy production.


This recipe contains common allergens such as dairy (milk, cottage cheese) and eggs. Individuals with allergies to these ingredients should avoid this dessert or seek suitable substitutions.


Overall, Arkansas Cheesecake is a relatively healthy dessert option, low in calories and fat while providing a decent amount of protein and essential nutrients. It's a great choice for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth without overindulging.


Arkansas Cheesecake is a delightful, lighter alternative to traditional cheesecake, offering a unique blend of flavors and textures that are sure to please any palate. With its simple ingredients and easy preparation, it's a wonderful dessert option for any occasion. Whether you're a seasoned baker or new to the kitchen, this recipe is sure to become a favorite in your dessert repertoire.

How did I get this recipe?

The moment I found this recipe is one that will always be special to me. It was a hot summer day in Arkansas, and I had just finished helping my neighbor, Mrs. Johnson, pick fresh blackberries from her backyard. As a thank you, she invited me into her kitchen to show me how to make her famous Arkansas Cheesecake.

Mrs. Johnson was known throughout the neighborhood for her delicious desserts, and I was thrilled to learn one of her coveted recipes. As we gathered the ingredients and preheated the oven, she began to tell me the story behind the cheesecake.

She explained that the recipe had been passed down in her family for generations, originating from her great-grandmother who had immigrated to Arkansas from Ireland. Over the years, each generation had added their own twist to the recipe, making it a truly unique and beloved dessert in their family.

As we mixed the cream cheese, sugar, and eggs together, Mrs. Johnson shared memories of baking with her grandmother as a young girl. She spoke fondly of the smells that would fill their kitchen, the laughter shared over a mixing bowl, and the love that went into each and every bite of cheesecake.

As the cheesecake baked in the oven, the sweet aroma filled the air, reminding me of my own grandmother's kitchen back home. I thought about all the recipes she had taught me over the years, and how cooking had always been a way for us to bond and create lasting memories together.

When the cheesecake was finally done, Mrs. Johnson pulled it out of the oven and sprinkled fresh blackberries on top. The combination of the creamy cheesecake and tart berries was a match made in dessert heaven, and I couldn't wait to try a slice.

As we sat down at the kitchen table and savored each bite, Mrs. Johnson told me that she was passing the recipe on to me, knowing that I would appreciate and cherish it just as much as she did. I was honored and grateful for her generosity, and promised to carry on the tradition of making Arkansas Cheesecake for my own family and friends.

From that day on, Arkansas Cheesecake became a staple in my own kitchen. I would make it for special occasions, holidays, and just because. Each time I whipped up a batch, I would think of Mrs. Johnson and the special bond we shared over a love of cooking and delicious desserts.

Years passed, and I continued to make Arkansas Cheesecake for my loved ones, passing on the recipe to my children and grandchildren. It became a symbol of tradition, love, and the joy that comes from sharing good food with those you care about.

As I grew older, I found comfort in knowing that the recipe would live on through future generations, just as it had in Mrs. Johnson's family. I would often think back to that hot summer day in Arkansas, when I learned how to make a simple cheesecake that would bring so much joy and happiness to so many.

And so, as I sit here now, with my own grandchildren gathered around the kitchen table, I can't help but smile as I watch them enjoy a slice of Arkansas Cheesecake. The recipe may have originated in a small kitchen in Arkansas, but its legacy will continue to live on in the hearts and memories of those who share it with love and gratitude.


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