Fusilli with Fresh Tomatoes and Corn Recipe - Authentic Italian Dish

Fusilli with Fresh Tomatoes and Corn

Fusilli with Fresh Tomatoes and Corn Recipe - Authentic Italian Dish
Region / culture: Italy | Preparation time: 15 minutes | Cooking time: 10 minutes | Servings: 4


Fusilli with Fresh Tomatoes and Corn
Fusilli with Fresh Tomatoes and Corn

This Fusilli with Fresh Tomatoes and Corn recipe is a delicious and refreshing dish that is perfect for a summer meal. The combination of sweet corn, juicy tomatoes, and flavorful basil dressing makes this pasta salad a crowd-pleaser.


This recipe is a modern twist on traditional pasta salads, incorporating fresh and seasonal ingredients to create a light and flavorful dish. The use of fusilli pasta adds a fun and unique twist to the classic pasta salad.


  • 2 cups chopped plum tomatoes
  • 1 cup fresh whole-kernel corn, cooked
  • 0.5 cup sliced green onions and tops
  • 2.67 cups (6 oz (170 g)) fusilli (spirals) or corkscrews, cooked, room temperature

Fresh basil dressing

How to prepare

  1. In a salad bowl, combine tomatoes, corn, onions, and pasta.
  2. Pour fresh basil dressing over the mixture and toss well.

Fresh basil dressing

  1. In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients.
  2. Refrigerate the dressing until serving time.
  3. Mix the dressing again before using.


  • Add diced avocado for a creamy texture.
  • Mix in some feta cheese for a tangy flavor.
  • Substitute cherry tomatoes for plum tomatoes for a sweeter taste.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

Be sure to cook the fusilli pasta al dente to prevent it from becoming mushy in the salad.

- For the best flavor, use fresh corn kernels that have been cooked until tender.

- The fresh basil dressing can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator until ready to use.

Serving Suggestions

This Fusilli with Fresh Tomatoes and Corn recipe can be served as a main dish or as a side dish alongside grilled meats or seafood.

Cooking Techniques

Be sure to cook the fusilli pasta in a large pot of salted boiling water until al dente.

- To cook the corn, simply boil it in water for a few minutes until tender.

Ingredient Substitutions

If you don't have fresh basil, you can use dried basil in the dressing.

- You can use any type of pasta in place of fusilli, such as penne or bowtie pasta.

Make Ahead Tips

You can prepare the fresh basil dressing ahead of time and store it in the refrigerator until ready to use. The pasta salad can also be made a few hours in advance and refrigerated until serving.

Presentation Ideas

Garnish the Fusilli with Fresh Tomatoes and Corn with fresh basil leaves for a pop of color. Serve the salad in a large bowl or on individual plates for a beautiful presentation.

Pairing Recommendations

This pasta salad pairs well with a crisp white wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. It also goes well with a light and refreshing beer, such as a pilsner or wheat beer.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

Store any leftovers of this Fusilli with Fresh Tomatoes and Corn recipe in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. To reheat, simply microwave the pasta salad until warmed through.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

Each serving of this Fusilli with Fresh Tomatoes and Corn recipe contains approximately 250 calories.


This recipe is a good source of carbohydrates, with the fusilli pasta and corn providing a healthy dose of energy for your body.


The vegetable oil in the fresh basil dressing adds a small amount of healthy fats to the dish.


While this recipe is not high in protein, you can easily add grilled chicken or shrimp to increase the protein content.

Vitamins and minerals

This dish is rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin C from the tomatoes and corn, as well as vitamin K from the basil.


This recipe contains gluten from the fusilli pasta. If you have a gluten allergy or intolerance, you can use a gluten-free pasta alternative.


Overall, this recipe is a healthy and balanced dish that provides a good mix of carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins and minerals.


This Fusilli with Fresh Tomatoes and Corn recipe is a light and flavorful dish that is perfect for a summer meal. With its combination of sweet corn, juicy tomatoes, and zesty basil dressing, this pasta salad is sure to be a hit with your family and friends.

How did I get this recipe?

The first time I saw this recipe, I was drawn to it like a magnet. It was a warm summer day, and I had just finished picking fresh tomatoes and corn from my garden. As I was flipping through an old cookbook that had been passed down to me from my own grandmother, I stumbled upon this gem of a recipe for Fusilli with Fresh Tomatoes and Corn.

The recipe called for simple ingredients - fusilli pasta, ripe tomatoes, sweet corn, garlic, basil, and a touch of olive oil. It seemed like the perfect dish to showcase the flavors of summer, and I couldn't wait to give it a try.

I had always loved cooking, ever since I was a little girl watching my own mother in the kitchen. She had taught me the importance of using fresh, quality ingredients and letting the natural flavors shine through in each dish. Those lessons had stuck with me throughout the years, and I knew that this recipe would be no exception.

As I gathered the ingredients and got to work in the kitchen, memories of my own childhood flooded back. I remembered the days spent with my grandmother in her kitchen, learning how to make traditional Italian dishes from scratch. She had a way of making even the simplest of ingredients sing with flavor, and I had always strived to emulate that in my own cooking.

As the pasta cooked to al dente perfection, I sautéed the garlic in a pan with a generous drizzle of olive oil. The aroma that filled the kitchen was intoxicating, and I knew that this dish was going to be a winner. I added the diced tomatoes and corn kernels, letting them simmer together until they were perfectly tender.

As I tossed the cooked pasta with the tomato and corn mixture, I couldn't help but smile. This dish was a true celebration of summer, with its vibrant colors and fresh flavors. I garnished the dish with torn basil leaves and a sprinkle of freshly grated Parmesan cheese, and then it was time to dig in.

The first bite was pure bliss. The sweetness of the corn paired perfectly with the acidity of the tomatoes, while the garlic and basil added a depth of flavor that was simply irresistible. Each bite was a taste of summer, and I savored every mouthful.

As I sat at the table enjoying my meal, I couldn't help but think about all of the wonderful recipes that had been passed down to me over the years. Each one was a treasure, a link to the past that brought back memories of loved ones no longer with us. Cooking was more than just a hobby for me - it was a way to connect with my heritage, to keep those traditions alive for future generations.

I made a mental note to share this recipe with my own grandchildren, to pass on the love and joy that cooking had brought to my life. I knew that they would appreciate the simplicity and deliciousness of this dish, just as I had when I first discovered it.

As I finished my meal and cleared the table, I felt a sense of contentment wash over me. Cooking had always been a source of comfort and joy for me, a way to express my creativity and connect with those I loved. And this recipe for Fusilli with Fresh Tomatoes and Corn was a perfect example of that - a simple yet delicious dish that brought a taste of summer to my table.

I knew that I would be making this recipe again and again, savoring each bite and relishing the memories it brought back. And as I closed the cookbook and put it back on the shelf, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the gift of cooking and the joy it had brought to my life. Cooking was more than just a way to nourish my body - it was a way to nourish my soul.


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