Cherry Tea Biscuits Recipe with Pistachios and Rum

Cherry Tea Biscuits

Cherry Tea Biscuits Recipe with Pistachios and Rum
Preparation time: 30 minutes | Cooking time: 40 minutes | Servings: 12


Cherry Tea Biscuits
Cherry Tea Biscuits

Cherry Tea Biscuits are a delightful treat that combines the sweet and tart flavors of cherries with the crunch of pistachios. These biscotti-style cookies are perfect for enjoying with a cup of tea or coffee.


The origins of Cherry Tea Biscuits can be traced back to Italy, where biscotti have been enjoyed for centuries. The addition of cherries and pistachios adds a unique twist to this traditional recipe, creating a delicious and flavorful treat.


How to prepare

  1. In a saucepan, simmer cherries and rum over medium heat.
  2. Preheat the oven to 350°F (177°C).
  3. Stir and cover to let it set for 10 minutes, then uncover and cool for 10 minutes.
  4. Cover a baking sheet with foil and coat it with non-stick cooking spray.
  5. Sift all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, baking powder, sugar, and cinnamon together.
  6. Stir in wheat bran.
  7. In a mixing bowl, whisk together egg whites, egg, orange zest, vanilla extract, and almond extract until smooth.
  8. Whisk in the cherry and rum mixture.
  9. Stir in the dry ingredients until well combined.
  10. Turn the dough onto a floured work surface and divide it in half.
  11. Flour each half and shape it into a log.
  12. Place the logs onto the baking sheet and bake until they are light brown and puffed, approximately 20 minutes.
  13. Cool for 10 minutes or up to several hours.
  14. Transfer the logs to a work surface and cut them into biscotti-style pieces.
  15. Put them back in the oven for 12 minutes, turning them and browning on both sides for 6 minutes each.
  16. Let them cool and store them in a container or serve them warm.


  • You can substitute dried cranberries or blueberries for the cherries.
  • Instead of pistachios, you can use almonds or walnuts.
  • Add a drizzle of white or dark chocolate on top for an extra touch of sweetness.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

Be sure to let the cherry and rum mixture cool before adding it to the dough to prevent the eggs from cooking.

- For a more intense flavor, you can toast the pistachios before adding them to the dough.

- Store the Cherry Tea Biscuits in an airtight container to keep them fresh and crunchy.

Serving Suggestions

Enjoy Cherry Tea Biscuits with a cup of hot tea or coffee for a delightful afternoon treat.

Cooking Techniques

The key to making perfect Cherry Tea Biscuits is to bake them twice to achieve the perfect crunch. Be sure to follow the instructions for baking and cooling the dough to achieve the desired texture.

Ingredient Substitutions

If you don't have rum, you can substitute with orange juice or apple juice for a non-alcoholic version of the recipe.

Make Ahead Tips

You can prepare the dough for Cherry Tea Biscuits ahead of time and refrigerate it for up to 24 hours before baking. This allows the flavors to meld together for a more intense taste.

Presentation Ideas

Arrange the Cherry Tea Biscuits on a decorative plate and garnish with fresh cherries or pistachios for a beautiful presentation.

Pairing Recommendations

Cherry Tea Biscuits pair well with a variety of beverages, including tea, coffee, or a glass of dessert wine.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

Store Cherry Tea Biscuits in an airtight container at room temperature for up to one week. To reheat, place them in a 350°F (177°C) oven for a few minutes until warm.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

Each serving of Cherry Tea Biscuits contains approximately 200 calories.


Each serving of Cherry Tea Biscuits contains approximately 25 grams of carbohydrates.


Each serving of Cherry Tea Biscuits contains approximately 8 grams of fats.


Each serving of Cherry Tea Biscuits contains approximately 5 grams of proteins.

Vitamins and minerals

Cherry Tea Biscuits are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin E, and iron.


Cherry Tea Biscuits contain eggs, wheat, and nuts (pistachios). They may not be suitable for those with allergies to these ingredients.


Cherry Tea Biscuits are a delicious treat that provides a good balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. They are also a good source of vitamins and minerals.


Cherry Tea Biscuits are a delightful and flavorful treat that is perfect for enjoying with a cup of tea or coffee. With the sweet and tart flavors of cherries, the crunch of pistachios, and a hint of rum, these biscotti-style cookies are sure to become a favorite in your household.

How did I get this recipe?

I remember the joy I felt when I first stumbled upon this recipe for Cherry Tea Biscuits. It was many years ago, when I was just a young girl, eager to learn the art of cooking from my own grandmother. She was a wonderful cook, full of knowledge and passion for creating delicious dishes that brought our family together.

One summer afternoon, as I sat at the kitchen table watching my grandmother prepare a batch of her famous Cherry Tea Biscuits, I asked her where she learned to make them. She smiled and began to tell me a story that would stay with me for the rest of my life.

She told me that the recipe for Cherry Tea Biscuits had been passed down through generations of our family, originating from a distant relative who had traveled to England in search of adventure. It was there that she had come across a quaint little bakery in the countryside that served the most delectable tea biscuits, studded with sweet cherries and a hint of almond.

My grandmother's eyes sparkled as she described the aroma that wafted through the air as the biscuits baked in the oven, filling the entire house with a sweet and comforting scent. She explained how the recipe had been carefully recorded in a tattered old journal, passed down from mother to daughter for decades.

As my grandmother shared this story with me, I could feel the connection to my ancestors growing stronger with each word. I knew in that moment that I wanted to carry on the tradition of making these Cherry Tea Biscuits for my own family, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

After my grandmother finished baking the biscuits, she handed me a warm one fresh from the oven. I took a bite and savored the delicate crumb, the burst of cherry flavor, and the subtle hint of almond that lingered on my tongue. It was pure bliss.

From that day on, I made it my mission to perfect the recipe for Cherry Tea Biscuits. I practiced tirelessly, experimenting with different techniques and ingredients until I was able to recreate the same delicious biscuits that had captivated me so many years ago.

I would often invite my friends over for tea and serve them my homemade Cherry Tea Biscuits, watching as their faces lit up with delight at the first bite. They would ask me for the recipe, but I would simply smile and tell them that it was a family secret passed down through the generations.

As the years passed, I became known as the "Cherry Tea Biscuit Queen" among my friends and family. I would bake dozens of biscuits for special occasions, always receiving rave reviews and requests for more.

Now, as I sit here reflecting on the journey that led me to discover the recipe for Cherry Tea Biscuits, I am filled with gratitude for my grandmother and the legacy that she passed down to me. I am proud to continue the tradition of making these delicious biscuits, knowing that with each batch I bake, I am honoring my family's history and creating new memories to cherish for years to come.

And so, I will continue to bake my Cherry Tea Biscuits with love and care, sharing them with those I hold dear and passing on the recipe to future generations. For in each bite of these sweet and tender biscuits, there is a taste of the past, a touch of nostalgia, and a whole lot of love.


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