Avocado and Tangerine Sauce Recipe from Mexico

Avocado and Tangerine Sauce

Avocado and Tangerine Sauce Recipe from Mexico
Region / culture: Mexico | Preparation time: 15 minutes | Servings: 4


Avocado and Tangerine Sauce
Avocado and Tangerine Sauce

The Avocado and Tangerine Sauce is a vibrant, fresh, and tantalizing condiment that brings a unique twist to traditional sauces. Combining the creamy texture of avocados with the sweet and tangy flavor of tangerines, this sauce is a delightful accompaniment to a variety of dishes. Its simplicity in preparation and the harmony of flavors make it a favorite among those who appreciate a touch of freshness in their meals.


The Avocado and Tangerine Sauce is a modern creation that draws inspiration from various culinary traditions. Avocados have been a staple in Mexican and Central American cuisines for thousands of years, while tangerines, with their origins in Southeast Asia, have been cherished worldwide for their juicy sweetness. This recipe represents a fusion of flavors that celebrates the global appreciation for these two ingredients.


How to prepare

  1. Combine the ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Serve with Avocado Rica Arepa Empanada.


  • For a creamier texture, blend the ingredients until smooth. You can also add ingredients like cilantro, lime juice, or honey to adjust the flavor profile according to your preference. For a spicier kick, include more serrano pepper or a dash of hot sauce.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

To ensure the best flavor and texture for your Avocado and Tangerine Sauce, choose ripe avocados that are just soft to the touch. For the tangerines, select ones that are firm and heavy for their size, indicating juiciness. When chopping the serrano pepper, you can adjust the amount to your preference for heat. Lastly, preparing the sauce just before serving will maintain the vibrant color and freshness of the ingredients.

Serving Suggestions

The Avocado and Tangerine Sauce pairs wonderfully with grilled fish, chicken, or vegetable dishes. It can also be used as a dressing for salads or as a dip for chips and crackers. For a unique twist, try it as a topping for tacos or a flavorful spread for sandwiches.

Cooking Techniques

This sauce requires no cooking, preserving the raw nutritional benefits of the ingredients. Simply chopping and combining the ingredients is all that's needed, making it an easy and quick option for adding flavor to meals.

Ingredient Substitutions

If tangerines are not available, oranges or mandarins can be used as a substitute. In place of serrano pepper, jalapeño can be used for a milder heat. Lime juice can be added for extra tanginess if desired.

Make Ahead Tips

While best served fresh, the sauce can be made a few hours ahead of time. To prevent browning, place the avocado pit in the sauce and cover tightly with plastic wrap, pressing it directly onto the surface of the sauce before refrigerating.

Presentation Ideas

Serve the sauce in a colorful bowl, garnished with tangerine slices or avocado wedges. A sprinkle of chili flakes or fresh herbs can add color and enhance the visual appeal.

Pairing Recommendations

This sauce pairs beautifully with seafood, especially grilled shrimp or salmon. It also complements the richness of pork and the subtle flavors of chicken. For a vegetarian option, pair it with grilled tofu or a quinoa salad.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

The Avocado and Tangerine Sauce is best enjoyed fresh and does not require reheating. If there are leftovers, store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. Stir well before serving again.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

A serving of Avocado and Tangerine Sauce contains approximately 200 calories. The majority of these calories come from the healthy fats in avocados, making it a nutrient-dense option that provides energy and satiety.


A serving of Avocado and Tangerine Sauce contains approximately 15 grams of carbohydrates. The majority of these carbs come from the natural sugars in the tangerines and the dietary fiber in the avocados, making it a healthy option for those monitoring their carbohydrate intake.


Avocados are well-known for their healthy fats, particularly monounsaturated fat, which is beneficial for heart health. A serving of this sauce contains about 15 grams of fat, the majority of which is this heart-healthy type. These fats also help in the absorption of vitamins and minerals from the sauce.


This sauce is not a significant source of protein, containing about 2 grams per serving. However, it can complement protein-rich dishes, providing a balance of flavors and nutrients.

Vitamins and minerals

The Avocado and Tangerine Sauce is an excellent source of vitamins C and E, potassium, and folate. Vitamin C, abundant in tangerines, supports the immune system, while vitamin E from avocados acts as an antioxidant. Potassium helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, and folate is crucial for DNA synthesis and repair.


This sauce is free from common allergens such as gluten, dairy, nuts, and soy, making it suitable for individuals with food sensitivities or allergies.


Overall, the Avocado and Tangerine Sauce is a nutritious addition to any meal. It is rich in healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, while being low in proteins and free from common allergens. Its moderate calorie content makes it a healthy choice for those mindful of their intake.


The Avocado and Tangerine Sauce is a versatile, nutritious, and flavorful addition to a wide range of dishes. Its combination of fresh ingredients not only offers a burst of flavor but also provides numerous health benefits. Easy to prepare and adaptable to personal taste preferences, this sauce is sure to become a staple in your culinary repertoire.

How did I get this recipe?

The first time I saw this recipe, I knew it was something I had to try. It was a warm summer day and I was visiting my friend Maria, who lived down the street. Maria was always experimenting in the kitchen, coming up with new and delicious recipes that never failed to impress.

On that particular day, she handed me a bowl of avocado and tangerine sauce and told me to give it a try. I hesitated at first, unsure of how the flavors would blend together. But one taste was all it took for me to fall in love with the creamy texture of the avocado paired with the bright citrusy tang of the tangerine. It was a match made in heaven.

I begged Maria for the recipe, but she simply smiled and told me it was a family secret that had been passed down for generations. Determined to recreate the sauce in my own kitchen, I set out on a mission to figure out the ingredients and proportions on my own.

I started by gathering ripe avocados and juicy tangerines from the local market. Then, I spent hours in my own kitchen, experimenting with different combinations of ingredients until I finally stumbled upon the perfect balance of flavors. The result was a silky smooth sauce that was as delicious as the one Maria had made.

Over the years, I continued to perfect the recipe, tweaking it here and there until it became a staple in my own kitchen. I shared it with friends and family, who all raved about its unique taste and creamy texture. It quickly became a favorite at potlucks and dinner parties, with everyone asking for the recipe.

As time went on, I began to wonder about the origins of the avocado and tangerine sauce. Where had Maria's family learned to make it? Was it a traditional recipe from their homeland, or had it been passed down through the generations? I was determined to uncover the mystery behind this delicious sauce.

One day, Maria invited me over for dinner and, as we sat down to eat, I couldn't help but ask her about the sauce once again. She smiled knowingly and told me that the recipe had been handed down from her grandmother, who had learned it from a friend many years ago.

According to Maria, her grandmother had grown up in a small village in Mexico, where avocados and tangerines were abundant. One day, a neighbor had shared the recipe for the sauce with her, and it had become a family favorite ever since.

I was fascinated by the story behind the sauce and felt a deep connection to it. I had always loved cooking and had learned many recipes from my own grandmother, who had passed down her culinary knowledge to me with love and patience.

In that moment, I realized that the avocado and tangerine sauce was more than just a delicious recipe. It was a piece of history, a link to the past that connected me to Maria's family and the generations that had come before.

I continued to make the sauce, savoring each bite and feeling grateful for the friendships and memories that had been created around it. It was a reminder of the power of food to bring people together, to create bonds that transcended time and distance.

To this day, whenever I make the avocado and tangerine sauce, I think of Maria and her family, of the shared moments and stories that have enriched my life. And I am grateful for the simple joy of cooking, for the pleasure of creating something delicious and meaningful to share with those I love.


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