Amish Yeast Rolls Recipe - Traditional Recipe from Amish Country

Amish Yeast Rolls

Amish Yeast Rolls Recipe - Traditional Recipe from Amish Country
Region / culture: Amish | Preparation time: 40 minutes | Cooking time: 20 minutes | Servings: 12


Amish Yeast Rolls
Amish Yeast Rolls

Amish Yeast Rolls are a delightful and traditional bread that brings the simplicity and warmth of Amish kitchens into your home. These rolls are known for their soft, fluffy texture and slightly sweet taste, making them a perfect accompaniment to any meal or a delicious treat on their own. This recipe captures the essence of Amish baking, emphasizing the importance of homemade, wholesome ingredients and the joy of sharing food with loved ones.


The tradition of making yeast rolls has deep roots in Amish communities, where baking is an essential part of life and a skill passed down through generations. Amish yeast rolls, in particular, have been a staple for many years, reflecting the community's values of simplicity, hard work, and the use of fresh, local ingredients. These rolls were often made in large batches to feed large families and guests, embodying the Amish spirit of hospitality and sharing.


How to prepare

  1. Heat the mixture until the butter melts.
  2. Combine the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients.
  3. Place the mixture in a warm location and allow it to rise for approximately 20 minutes.
  4. Shape the mixture into desired shapes.
  5. Allow the mixture to rise again for 20 minutes or until it doubles in size.
  6. Brush the tops with melted butter.
  7. Bake for 20 minutes.


  • 1. Add herbs such as rosemary or thyme to the dough for a savory twist.
  • 2. Incorporate grated cheese into the dough for cheesy rolls.
  • 3. For a sweeter version, add cinnamon and raisins to the dough before shaping.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

1. Ensure your yeast is fresh for the best rise.

2. Warm the milk and butter mixture to just the right temperature (about 110°F) to activate the yeast without killing it.

3. Allow the dough to rise in a warm, draft-free area to ensure it doubles in size properly.

4. When shaping the rolls, keep them uniform in size for even baking.

5. Brushing the tops with melted butter before baking gives the rolls a beautiful golden color and adds flavor.

Serving Suggestions

Serve these rolls warm with a pat of butter melting on top, alongside your favorite soup or stew. They also pair beautifully with jam or honey for a sweet treat.

Cooking Techniques

This recipe uses traditional bread-making techniques, including proofing the yeast, kneading the dough, and allowing it to rise twice to develop texture and flavor.

Ingredient Substitutions

1. For a dairy-free version, use plant-based milk and butter substitutes.

2. If you prefer whole grain rolls, substitute half of the all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour.

Make Ahead Tips

Prepare the dough in advance and let it rise in the refrigerator overnight. The next day, shape, let rise again briefly, and bake as directed.

Presentation Ideas

Arrange the baked rolls in a basket lined with a linen napkin for a rustic, inviting presentation. Brush with melted butter and sprinkle with coarse salt or herbs for an extra touch of elegance.

Pairing Recommendations

Amish Yeast Rolls pair wonderfully with hearty dishes like pot roast, chicken and dumplings, or a rich vegetable stew. They also complement lighter fare such as salads and soups.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

Store leftover rolls in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 days. Reheat in the oven at 350°F for 5-10 minutes or until warm.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

Each serving of Amish Yeast Rolls contains approximately 300 calories. This makes them a hearty option for adding to meals or enjoying as a snack.


Each serving of Amish Yeast Rolls contains approximately 45 grams of carbohydrates. The primary source of these carbohydrates is the flour, which is an essential component of the rolls, providing structure and texture.


These rolls contain about 8 grams of fat per serving, mainly from the butter and sour cream. These ingredients contribute to the rolls' rich flavor and tender crumb.


Amish Yeast Rolls offer around 6 grams of protein per serving. The protein in the rolls comes from the flour and milk, contributing to their satisfying and nourishing qualities.

Vitamins and minerals

These rolls are a source of several vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins from the yeast and flour, calcium from the milk, and phosphorus. These nutrients play a role in energy metabolism and bone health.


The primary allergens in Amish Yeast Rolls include gluten (from flour), dairy (from butter and sour cream), and potentially soy (from some brands of butter). Individuals with allergies to these ingredients should exercise caution.


Amish Yeast Rolls are a comforting and satisfying baked good, offering a balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, along with essential vitamins and minerals. However, they do contain common allergens such as gluten and dairy.


Amish Yeast Rolls are a versatile and beloved recipe that brings the warmth and tradition of Amish baking into your kitchen. With their soft, fluffy texture and rich flavor, these rolls are sure to become a favorite for any occasion. Whether served alongside a hearty meal or enjoyed on their own, they offer a taste of simplicity and comfort that is hard to beat.

How did I get this recipe?

I can still remember the exact moment I discovered this recipe for Amish Yeast Rolls. It was a cool autumn day, the leaves were falling from the trees in a beautiful array of colors, and I found myself craving something warm and comforting to bake in my kitchen. As I rummaged through my collection of cookbooks, I stumbled upon a worn and tattered recipe card that had been passed down to me by my dear friend Sarah, who had spent some time living among the Amish community.

Sarah was a wonderful cook, always whipping up delicious dishes in her cozy kitchen. She had a knack for making simple, yet incredibly flavorful meals that left a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to taste them. On this particular day, she had invited me over for tea and had surprised me with a batch of these heavenly Amish Yeast Rolls. From the moment I took my first bite, I knew I had to learn how to make them myself.

Sarah had learned the recipe from an elderly Amish woman who lived nearby and was known for her exceptional baking skills. The secret to these rolls, she explained, was in the slow rising of the dough and the careful attention to detail in each step of the process. As I sat in Sarah's kitchen, savoring each bite of the warm, buttery rolls, I made a mental note to ask her for the recipe before I left.

And so, armed with the recipe card in hand, I set out to recreate the magic of those Amish Yeast Rolls in my own kitchen. The ingredients were simple and wholesome - flour, yeast, sugar, salt, butter, and milk - but the technique required patience and precision. I mixed the ingredients together, kneaded the dough until it was smooth and elastic, and allowed it to rise in a warm spot until it had doubled in size.

As I punched down the dough and shaped it into small rounds, the familiar scent of freshly baked bread filled my kitchen, reminding me of the cozy warmth of Sarah's home. I brushed each roll with melted butter before placing them in the oven to bake, eagerly anticipating the moment when I would be able to taste the fruits of my labor.

And when the rolls emerged from the oven, golden brown and fragrant, I knew that I had succeeded in capturing the essence of those Amish Yeast Rolls that had enchanted me so many years ago. The rolls were light and fluffy, with a hint of sweetness that paired perfectly with a slathering of butter or a dollop of homemade jam. I couldn't help but smile as I savored each bite, feeling grateful for the friendships that had brought this recipe into my life.

Since that day, I have made these Amish Yeast Rolls countless times, sharing them with friends and family who never fail to be impressed by their deliciousness. Each time I bake a batch, I am transported back to that autumn day in Sarah's kitchen, surrounded by the warmth and love that permeated every corner of her home. And as I continue to hone my baking skills, I am grateful for the lessons I have learned from those who have come before me, passing down their knowledge and recipes with love and generosity.

So if you ever find yourself craving a taste of simple, comforting goodness, I urge you to give these Amish Yeast Rolls a try. They may just become a staple in your own kitchen, as they have in mine, bringing a little taste of tradition and warmth to every meal.


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