Alibi Cucumbers and Onions Recipe - Delicious and Refreshing

Alibi Cucumbers and Onions

Alibi Cucumbers and Onions Recipe - Delicious and Refreshing
Preparation time: 10 minutes | Cooking time: 0 minutes | Servings: 4


Alibi Cucumbers and Onions
Alibi Cucumbers and Onions

Alibi Cucumbers and Onions is a refreshing and tangy salad that serves as a perfect side dish for any meal. This recipe combines the crispness of cucumbers with the sharpness of red onions, all brought together with a creamy and sweet dressing. It's a simple yet delicious way to add some vegetables to your diet.


The origins of Alibi Cucumbers and Onions can be traced back to traditional American cuisine, where simple and fresh ingredients were used to create flavorful dishes. This recipe has been passed down through generations, with each adding their own twist to it. It's a testament to the timeless appeal of using fresh produce to create something truly delightful.


How to prepare

  1. In a bowl, combine mayonnaise, sugar, vinegar, and salt.
  2. Add cucumbers and onions, then stir to coat.
  3. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours.


  • For a healthier version, substitute the mayonnaise with Greek yogurt and the sugar with honey. Adding fresh dill or mint can also enhance the flavor profile of the salad.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

For the best results, use English cucumbers as they have thinner skin and fewer seeds. Also, soaking the sliced onions in cold water for about 10 minutes before adding them to the salad can reduce their sharpness. To fully incorporate the flavors, make sure to refrigerate the salad for at least 2 hours before serving.

Serving Suggestions

This salad is best served chilled as a side dish. It pairs wonderfully with grilled meats, sandwiches, or as part of a picnic spread.

Cooking Techniques

The key technique in this recipe is the marination of the cucumbers and onions in the dressing. This process allows the vegetables to soften slightly and absorb the flavors of the dressing, resulting in a more cohesive dish.

Ingredient Substitutions

If red onions are too strong, you can use sweet onions for a milder taste. Apple cider vinegar can be used in place of regular vinegar for a slightly different flavor profile.

Make Ahead Tips

This salad can be made up to 24 hours in advance, making it a convenient option for meal prep or entertaining. The flavors will continue to develop as it sits in the refrigerator.

Presentation Ideas

Serve the salad in a clear bowl to showcase the vibrant colors of the cucumbers and onions. Garnish with fresh herbs for an added touch of elegance.

Pairing Recommendations

Alibi Cucumbers and Onions pairs well with barbecue dishes, such as ribs or chicken. It also complements spicy foods by providing a cooling contrast.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

This salad is best enjoyed cold and does not require reheating. Store any leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

A serving of Alibi Cucumbers and Onions contains approximately 150-200 calories, depending on the type of mayonnaise used. Opting for a lower-calorie mayonnaise can reduce the calorie count.


This dish is relatively low in carbohydrates, with the primary source being the sugar used in the dressing. The cucumbers and onions add minimal carbohydrates, making this a suitable side dish for those monitoring their carb intake.


The mayonnaise in the dressing contributes to the fat content of this dish. However, using a low-fat or fat-free mayonnaise can significantly reduce the overall fat content without compromising the taste.


Alibi Cucumbers and Onions is not a significant source of protein. It is primarily a vegetable-based dish, with the main ingredients contributing negligible amounts of protein.

Vitamins and minerals

Cucumbers are a good source of vitamin K, which is important for blood clotting and bone health. Red onions provide vitamin C, which supports the immune system, and quercetin, a powerful antioxidant.


The primary allergen in this recipe is eggs, which are present in mayonnaise. Individuals with egg allergies should use an egg-free mayonnaise alternative.


Overall, Alibi Cucumbers and Onions is a low-carbohydrate, moderate-fat side dish that provides essential vitamins and minerals. It's a healthy addition to any meal, especially when made with low-fat mayonnaise.


Alibi Cucumbers and Onions is a classic side dish that combines the freshness of cucumbers with the tanginess of red onions, all tied together with a creamy dressing. It's a versatile recipe that can be easily adapted to suit dietary needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a simple side for your next barbecue or a refreshing salad for a summer picnic, this recipe is sure to please.

How did I get this recipe?

The first time I saw this recipe, I was immediately drawn to it. It was a warm summer day, and I was flipping through an old cookbook that had been passed down to me from my own grandmother. As soon as I saw the recipe for Alibi Cucumbers and Onions, I knew I had to give it a try.

The recipe was simple, yet intriguing. Sliced cucumbers and onions marinated in a sweet and tangy dressing made with vinegar, sugar, and a touch of mustard. It sounded like the perfect dish to bring to a summer barbecue or picnic.

I decided to make the recipe that very afternoon. I gathered all the ingredients and set to work in the kitchen. As I sliced the cucumbers and onions, I couldn't help but think back to all the recipes I had learned over the years.

Growing up, my mother was an amazing cook. She taught me everything I know about cooking and baking. From her, I learned how to make the perfect pie crust, the most flavorful soups, and the most decadent desserts.

But it wasn't just my mother who taught me how to cook. Over the years, I had learned recipes from friends, neighbors, and even strangers. Each recipe had its own story, its own history. And now, as I made the Alibi Cucumbers and Onions, I wondered about the story behind this particular recipe.

As the cucumbers and onions marinated in the dressing, the flavors melding together to create a harmonious blend of sweet and tangy, I thought about the name of the dish. Alibi Cucumbers and Onions. It was a curious name, and I couldn't help but wonder what the story was behind it.

I decided to do some research, digging through old cookbooks and searching online for any information I could find. And finally, after hours of digging, I found it.

The story behind Alibi Cucumbers and Onions was a fascinating one. It was said to have originated in the deep south, passed down through generations of a family known for their love of cooking. The recipe had been created by a young woman who was known for her quick wit and sharp tongue. She had a knack for coming up with clever excuses, or "alibis," for any situation.

One day, she had been invited to a potluck barbecue and had forgotten to bring a dish. In a panic, she had thrown together some sliced cucumbers and onions, marinated them in a simple dressing, and brought them to the party. To her surprise, the dish was a hit, and she had to come up with an alibi for why she had forgotten to bring a more elaborate dish.

And so, Alibi Cucumbers and Onions was born. The dish became a staple at family gatherings, picnics, and barbecues, with the recipe being passed down through the generations.

As I read the story, I couldn't help but smile. It was a charming tale, and it made me appreciate the recipe even more. I finished making the dish, letting it chill in the refrigerator for a few hours to let the flavors meld together.

When it was finally time to serve the Alibi Cucumbers and Onions, I couldn't wait to see what my family thought. As they took their first bites, their faces lit up with delight. The sweet and tangy flavors of the cucumbers and onions were a perfect complement to the grilled meats and savory sides we had prepared.

As we sat around the table, enjoying our meal and sharing stories, I couldn't help but feel grateful for all the recipes I had learned over the years. Each one had its own story, its own history. And now, as I passed down the recipe for Alibi Cucumbers and Onions to my own grandchildren, I knew that the tradition would continue for generations to come.


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