Haitian-Inspired Fruit Salsa with Wholesome Ingredients

Fruit Salsa II

Haitian-Inspired Fruit Salsa with Wholesome Ingredients
Preparation time: 15 minutes | Cooking time: 0 minutes | Servings: 6


Fruit Salsa II
Fruit Salsa II

Fruit Salsa II is a refreshing and colorful dish that is perfect for summer gatherings or as a healthy snack. This salsa is bursting with the natural sweetness of fresh fruits and is sure to be a hit with both kids and adults.


Fruit salsa has been a popular dish for many years, with variations found in different cultures around the world. This particular recipe for Fruit Salsa II is a modern twist on the classic fruit salsa, incorporating a mix of kiwis, apples, raspberries, and strawberries for a unique and delicious flavor combination.


How to prepare

  1. Combine all the ingredients.
  2. Chill the mixture until it is ready to be served.


  • Add diced mango or pineapple for a tropical twist.
  • Mix in a handful of fresh mint or basil for an herby flavor.
  • Drizzle with honey or agave syrup for extra sweetness.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

Be sure to dice the fruits into small, uniform pieces for a consistent texture in the salsa.

- Adjust the amount of sugar and preserves to suit your taste preferences.

- For a more intense flavor, you can add a splash of citrus juice or zest to the salsa.

Serving Suggestions

Serve Fruit Salsa II with cinnamon sugar tortilla chips or as a topping for grilled chicken or fish.

Cooking Techniques

This recipe requires no cooking, simply combine the ingredients and chill before serving.

Ingredient Substitutions

Feel free to swap out the fruits in this recipe for your favorites, such as peaches, blueberries, or blackberries.

Make Ahead Tips

Fruit Salsa II can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours before serving.

Presentation Ideas

Serve the fruit salsa in a hollowed-out pineapple or watermelon for a fun and festive presentation.

Pairing Recommendations

Pair Fruit Salsa II with a crisp white wine or a fruity cocktail for a refreshing summer treat.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

Store any leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. Serve chilled.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

Calories: 120 per serving


Carbohydrates: 28g per serving


Fats: 1g per serving


Proteins: 1g per serving

Vitamins and minerals

This fruit salsa is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium.


This recipe is free of common allergens such as nuts, dairy, and gluten.


Fruit Salsa II is a low-calorie, nutrient-rich dish that is perfect for those looking to enjoy a healthy and delicious snack.


Fruit Salsa II is a vibrant and flavorful dish that is perfect for any occasion. Packed with fresh fruits and natural sweetness, this salsa is a healthy and delicious option for snacking or entertaining.

How did I get this recipe?

The first time I saw this recipe, I was captivated. It was a warm summer day, and I had been invited to a potluck with some friends. As I scanned the table of dishes, my eyes landed on a colorful bowl filled with what looked like a fresh and vibrant salsa. But this was no ordinary salsa. This was Fruit Salsa II.

I was immediately drawn to the bright hues of diced strawberries, kiwi, mango, and pineapple, all mixed together with a hint of honey and lime juice. I had never seen anything like it before, and I knew I had to find out who had made this delicious creation.

I made my way over to the woman who had brought the Fruit Salsa II and introduced myself. Her name was Mrs. Jenkins, and she was more than happy to share her recipe with me. She explained that she had learned it from her own grandmother, who had passed it down through the generations.

Mrs. Jenkins went on to tell me about the first time she had tried Fruit Salsa II. She was a young girl at the time, spending the summer at her grandmother's house in the countryside. Her grandmother had taken her out to the garden, where they picked fresh strawberries, kiwi, mango, and pineapple.

Together, they diced up the fruit and mixed it together in a bowl with a squeeze of honey and a splash of lime juice. Mrs. Jenkins had never tasted anything so refreshing and delicious before. From that moment on, Fruit Salsa II became a staple in her family's recipe collection.

As Mrs. Jenkins shared her story with me, I couldn't help but feel a sense of nostalgia for my own grandmother's cooking. She too had a knack for creating mouthwatering dishes that were passed down through the generations.

I knew that I had to learn how to make Fruit Salsa II for myself. Mrs. Jenkins graciously wrote down the recipe for me on a scrap of paper, complete with detailed instructions and a list of ingredients. I thanked her profusely and promised to make it for the next potluck.

When I got home, I wasted no time in gathering the necessary ingredients. I carefully diced up the strawberries, kiwi, mango, and pineapple, savoring the vibrant colors and sweet aromas. I mixed everything together in a bowl, adding a drizzle of honey and a splash of lime juice, just as Mrs. Jenkins had instructed.

As I took my first bite of Fruit Salsa II, I was transported back to that warm summer day at the potluck. The flavors exploded in my mouth, a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess. I knew then that this recipe would become a favorite in my own family.

Over the years, I have made Fruit Salsa II countless times, each batch just as delicious as the last. I have shared the recipe with friends and family, passing on the tradition of this beloved dish.

Every time I make Fruit Salsa II, I am reminded of Mrs. Jenkins and her grandmother, and the special bond that food can create between generations. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn this recipe and carry on the legacy of delicious home cooking.

And so, as I sit down to enjoy a bowl of Fruit Salsa II with my loved ones, I am filled with a sense of pride and gratitude for the culinary traditions that have been passed down to me. The first time I saw this recipe, I was captivated. And now, it will forever hold a special place in my heart and in my kitchen.


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