Apple Pie Cocktail Recipe - Dark Rum, Sweet Vermouth, Apple Brandy, Grenadine, Lemon Juice

Apple Pie Cocktail

Apple Pie Cocktail Recipe - Dark Rum, Sweet Vermouth, Apple Brandy, Grenadine, Lemon Juice
Region / culture: USA | Preparation time: 5 minutes | Servings: 1


Apple Pie Cocktail
Apple Pie Cocktail

The Apple Pie Cocktail is a delightful concoction that brings the essence of the classic American dessert into a glass. This recipe combines the rich flavors of dark rum, sweet vermouth, apple brandy, grenadine, and lemon juice to create a drink that is both refreshing and reminiscent of a slice of apple pie. Perfect for autumn evenings, holiday gatherings, or any time you crave the comforting taste of apple pie, this cocktail is sure to impress.


The Apple Pie Cocktail is a relatively modern creation, inspired by the timeless love for apple pie. While the exact origins of the recipe are not well-documented, it is a testament to the innovative spirit of mixologists who aim to capture the essence of traditional flavors in liquid form. The use of apple brandy nods to the long history of apple-based spirits in America, dating back to colonial times when apples were more commonly fermented into cider and brandy than eaten fresh.


How to prepare

  1. Shake the ingredients with ice.
  2. Strain the mixture into a chilled cocktail glass.


  • For a non-alcoholic version, replace the alcoholic ingredients with apple juice, non-alcoholic vermouth, and a dash of apple cider vinegar to mimic the complexity of the original recipe. To make a spicier version, add a pinch of ground cinnamon or nutmeg to the shaker before mixing.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

To achieve the best flavor, use high-quality ingredients, especially the apple brandy and dark rum. The choice of apple brandy can significantly influence the taste of the cocktail, so opt for a brand that boasts a rich, authentic apple flavor. Additionally, chilling the cocktail glass before serving helps maintain the temperature and integrity of the drink, enhancing the overall experience.

Serving Suggestions

Serve the Apple Pie Cocktail in a chilled cocktail glass to keep it refreshing. Garnish with a thin apple slice or a cinnamon stick for an extra touch of apple pie flair. This cocktail pairs beautifully with autumnal appetizers or as a sophisticated after-dinner drink.

Cooking Techniques

The key technique in preparing the Apple Pie Cocktail is shaking the ingredients with ice. This method not only chills the drink but also dilutes it slightly, balancing the flavors and ensuring a smooth texture.

Ingredient Substitutions

If apple brandy is not available, calvados or a high-quality apple-flavored liqueur can be used as a substitute. In place of grenadine, a homemade syrup made from reduced apple juice and sugar can add a more authentic apple sweetness.

Make Ahead Tips

While the Apple Pie Cocktail is best served fresh, the ingredients can be measured and prepared ahead of time. Store the pre-measured spirits in the refrigerator, and when ready to serve, simply shake with ice and strain into the glass.

Presentation Ideas

For an elegant presentation, rim the glass with cinnamon sugar before pouring the cocktail. This not only adds to the visual appeal but also enhances the apple pie theme with every sip.

Pairing Recommendations

The Apple Pie Cocktail pairs wonderfully with creamy desserts, sharp cheeses, or savory appetizers like bacon-wrapped dates. Its versatility makes it a great companion to a wide range of flavors.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

As a mixed cocktail, the Apple Pie Cocktail does not require storage or reheating. It is best enjoyed immediately after preparation to experience the full depth of its flavors.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

A single serving of the Apple Pie Cocktail contains approximately 150 calories. The calories mainly come from the alcohol content in the dark rum, sweet vermouth, and apple brandy.


A serving of the Apple Pie Cocktail contains approximately 10 grams of carbohydrates. The majority of these carbs come from the grenadine and sweet vermouth, which add a touch of sweetness to the drink.


This cocktail is virtually fat-free, making it a lighter option for those monitoring their fat intake. The absence of cream or dairy in the recipe keeps the fat content minimal.


The Apple Pie Cocktail contains negligible amounts of protein, as it is primarily composed of spirits and flavorings that do not contribute protein to the diet.

Vitamins and minerals

While not a significant source of vitamins and minerals, the lemon juice in the cocktail provides a small amount of vitamin C, which is beneficial for immune function and skin health.


This cocktail is free from common allergens such as nuts, dairy, gluten, and soy. However, those with sensitivities to sulfites, which are present in some alcoholic beverages, should consume with caution.


The Apple Pie Cocktail is a relatively low-calorie drink with minimal fat and protein content. It offers a small amount of vitamin C from the lemon juice but is not a significant source of nutrients. It is suitable for those avoiding common allergens.


The Apple Pie Cocktail is a delightful and innovative drink that captures the essence of apple pie in a glass. With its rich flavors, low allergen profile, and versatility in pairing, it's a perfect choice for a variety of occasions. Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or a casual enthusiast, this recipe offers a unique way to enjoy the beloved taste of apple pie any time of the year.

How did I get this recipe?

The memory of discovering this recipe for the first time is a treasured one. It was a warm summer evening, the sun setting low in the sky, casting a golden hue over the kitchen. I had just returned from a visit to my dear friend Margaret's house, where she had served me the most delicious apple pie cocktail I had ever tasted.

As I sat at the kitchen table, savoring the last few sips of the cocktail, I knew I had to learn how to make it myself. I begged Margaret for the recipe, but she simply smiled and said, "It's a family secret, my dear. But I'm sure you can figure it out on your own."

Determined to crack the code, I set out to recreate the cocktail from memory. I rummaged through my pantry, gathering all the ingredients I could remember from Margaret's kitchen: apple cider, cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract, and of course, a generous splash of bourbon. I mixed and stirred, tasting and adjusting until I finally achieved the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, just like Margaret's.

The first sip of my homemade apple pie cocktail brought back memories of that warm summer evening at Margaret's house. I could taste the love and care that went into each ingredient, the years of experience and tradition that had shaped the recipe. And I knew that this cocktail would become a staple in my own kitchen, passed down through generations to come.

Over the years, I have shared the recipe for my apple pie cocktail with friends and family, each one adding their own twist or variation. Some prefer it with a splash of rum instead of bourbon, while others like to garnish it with a slice of caramelized apple. But no matter how they choose to make it, the essence of the cocktail remains the same: a warm, comforting blend of flavors that brings people together.

As I look back on that fateful evening when I first discovered the recipe for the apple pie cocktail, I am filled with gratitude for the friends and family who have shared their recipes and traditions with me over the years. Each one has added a unique flavor to my culinary repertoire, enriching my life in ways I never could have imagined.

And so, as I raise a glass of my beloved apple pie cocktail to toast to the memories and moments that have shaped me into the cook I am today, I am reminded of the power of food to connect us, to nourish both body and soul. And I am grateful for the gift of cooking, a gift that has brought me joy and fulfillment beyond measure. Cheers to the apple pie cocktail, and to the stories and memories that make it so much more than just a drink.


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