Galinha com Caju Recipe - A Delicious Mozambique Dish

Galinha com Caju

Galinha com Caju Recipe - A Delicious Mozambique Dish
Region / culture: Mozambique | Preparation time: 15 minutes | Cooking time: 45 minutes | Servings: 4


Galinha com Caju
Galinha com Caju

Galinha com Caju, also known as Chicken with Cashews, is a traditional Brazilian dish that combines tender chicken pieces with the rich and creamy flavor of cashews. This dish is a perfect balance of savory and nutty flavors, making it a favorite among many.


Galinha com Caju has its roots in Brazilian cuisine, where cashews are a popular ingredient in many dishes. The combination of chicken and cashews creates a unique and delicious flavor profile that has been enjoyed for generations.


How to prepare

  1. Pat the chicken completely dry with paper towels.
  2. In a heavy 10- to 12-inch skillet, heat the oil over moderate heat until a light haze forms above it.
  3. Brown the chicken in the hot oil, a few pieces at a time, starting them skin side down and turning them frequently with tongs so that they color richly on all sides.
  4. As it browns, transfer the chicken to a plate.
  5. Pour off all but a thin film of fat from the skillet and add the onions.
  6. Stir frequently and scrape in the brown particles that cling to the bottom and sides of the pan. Cook for about 5 minutes, until the onions are soft and translucent.
  7. Watch carefully for any sign of burning and adjust the heat accordingly.
  8. Add the chicken stock, coconut milk, and cloves. Stir constantly and bring to a simmer over moderate heat.
  9. Return the chicken and any juices that have accumulated around it to the skillet. Turn them about with a spoon to coat them evenly with the onion mixture.
  10. Reduce the heat to its lowest point and cook partially covered for about 30 minutes.
  11. The chicken is done when the dark meat shows no resistance to the point of a small, sharp knife.
  12. Transfer the chicken to a plate with tongs or a slotted spoon and cover it with foil to keep it warm.
  13. Pour the cooking liquid into a fine sieve set over a bowl.
  14. Remove and discard the cloves. Rub the onions through the sieve with the back of a large wooden spoon.
  15. (There should be about 1 cup of liquid. If necessary, add more chicken stock or water.) Pour the liquid into the skillet and bring to a simmer over moderate heat.
  16. Stir constantly and add the cashews, lime juice, and pepper.
  17. Return the chicken to the pan, baste it well with the simmering sauce, and cook for a few minutes to heat the pieces of chicken through.
  18. Taste for seasoning and serve immediately from a heated bowl or platter.
  19. Galinha com caju is usually accompanied by hot boiled rice.


  • Add diced bell peppers or tomatoes for extra flavor and color.
  • Use coconut milk instead of chicken stock for a creamier sauce.
  • Add a pinch of curry powder or chili flakes for a spicy kick.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

Make sure to pat the chicken dry before browning to ensure a crispy skin.

- Brown the chicken in batches to avoid overcrowding the skillet.

- Be careful not to burn the onions while cooking, adjust the heat as needed.

- Taste the sauce for seasoning before serving and adjust as necessary.

Serving Suggestions

Galinha com Caju is traditionally served with hot boiled rice to soak up the delicious sauce. You can also serve it with a side of steamed vegetables or a fresh salad for a complete meal.

Cooking Techniques

Browning the chicken before simmering ensures a crispy skin and locks in the flavor.

- Simmering the chicken in the sauce allows the flavors to meld together and creates a rich and savory dish.

Ingredient Substitutions

You can use boneless, skinless chicken breasts or thighs instead of bone-in chicken pieces.

- Almonds or peanuts can be used as a substitute for cashews if desired.

Make Ahead Tips

You can prepare the dish up to a day in advance and reheat before serving.

- Store the cooked chicken and sauce separately in the refrigerator for best results.

Presentation Ideas

Garnish with fresh cilantro or parsley for a pop of color. - Serve in a decorative bowl or platter for an elegant presentation.

Pairing Recommendations

Pair Galinha com Caju with a crisp white wine or a light beer to complement the flavors of the dish.

- A side of crusty bread or garlic bread is perfect for soaking up the sauce.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

Store any leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

- Reheat in a skillet over low heat, stirring occasionally until heated through.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

350 per serving


12g per serving


- Total Fat: 25g per serving

- Saturated Fat: 5g per serving


- Protein: 28g per serving

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamin A: 10% of daily value per serving

- Vitamin C: 15% of daily value per serving

- Iron: 8% of daily value per serving


Contains nuts (cashews)


Galinha com Caju is a rich and flavorful dish that is high in protein and healthy fats. It is a great source of vitamins and minerals, but it is important to note that it contains nuts, which may be an allergen for some individuals.


Galinha com Caju is a delicious and comforting dish that combines tender chicken with the rich and nutty flavor of cashews. With a few simple ingredients and some basic cooking techniques, you can create a flavorful and satisfying meal that is sure to impress. Enjoy this Brazilian classic with your family and friends for a taste of traditional cuisine.

How did I get this recipe?

The first time I saw this recipe, I was captivated by it. It was a warm summer day in the small village where I grew up, and I had been invited to a neighbor's house for dinner. As soon as I walked in, the aroma of spices and herbs filled the air, and I knew that I was in for a special treat.

My neighbor, Mrs. Silva, was a master in the kitchen. She had a way of combining ingredients that created the most delicious dishes I had ever tasted. That night, she served us Galinha com Caju, a traditional dish from her home country of Brazil. It was a rich and savory chicken stew with tender pieces of chicken, creamy coconut milk, and the most delicious cashew nuts I had ever tasted.

As I watched Mrs. Silva prepare the dish, I was mesmerized by her skill and technique. She chopped the onions and garlic with precision, added the spices with a deft hand, and stirred the pot with a gentle touch. I knew that I had to learn how to make this dish myself.

After dinner, I asked Mrs. Silva if she would teach me her recipe for Galinha com Caju. She smiled and agreed, saying that she was always happy to pass on her knowledge to a younger generation. The next day, I went over to her house and we spent the entire afternoon cooking together.

Mrs. Silva showed me how to marinate the chicken in a mixture of lime juice, garlic, and spices to infuse it with flavor. She taught me how to sauté the onions and garlic until they were golden brown, creating a rich base for the stew. And she demonstrated how to add the coconut milk and cashew nuts to the pot, allowing the flavors to meld together into a delicious and comforting dish.

As we cooked, Mrs. Silva shared stories about her childhood in Brazil and how she had learned to cook from her own grandmother. She told me about the rituals and traditions that surrounded food in her culture, and how each dish had its own history and significance.

By the end of the day, the Galinha com Caju was ready, and we sat down to enjoy the fruits of our labor. The stew was rich and flavorful, with the perfect balance of spices and textures. I knew that I had found a new favorite dish, and I was grateful to Mrs. Silva for sharing her recipe with me.

From that day on, Galinha com Caju became a staple in my own kitchen. I cooked it for family gatherings, dinner parties, and quiet nights at home. Each time I made the dish, I thought of Mrs. Silva and the day we had spent together in her kitchen, sharing stories and recipes.

Years passed, and I continued to refine and perfect the recipe for Galinha com Caju. I added my own twist to it, experimenting with different spices and ingredients to make it my own. But no matter how many times I cooked it, the dish always brought me back to that warm summer day in Mrs. Silva's kitchen, where I had first fallen in love with the flavors and traditions of Brazilian cuisine.

Now, as I pass on the recipe for Galinha com Caju to my own grandchildren, I hope that they will feel the same sense of wonder and admiration that I did when I first saw it. Cooking is more than just following instructions – it is a way to connect with our past, our culture, and the people we love. And for me, Galinha com Caju will always be a reminder of the day I learned to cook from a master in the kitchen.


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