Aussie Burger Recipe - Delicious Australian Burger with Cheese, Bacon, and Pineapple

Aussie Burger

Aussie Burger Recipe - Delicious Australian Burger with Cheese, Bacon, and Pineapple
Region / culture: Australia | Preparation time: 10 minutes | Cooking time: 15 minutes | Servings: 1


Aussie Burger
Aussie Burger

The Aussie Burger, a quintessential Australian delicacy, is a hearty, flavorsome sandwich that goes beyond the conventional burger. Packed with unique ingredients like beetroot, pineapple, and a fried egg, this burger is a vibrant celebration of Australian cuisine. It's a perfect blend of textures and tastes, making it a favorite among locals and a must-try for visitors.


The Aussie Burger has its roots deeply embedded in Australia's culinary tradition. Its exact origin is a bit of a mystery, but it's believed to have evolved from the basic meat patties introduced by British settlers, incorporating local ingredients over time. The inclusion of beetroot and pineapple, in particular, showcases Australia's penchant for adding a sweet, tangy twist to savory dishes. This burger has been a staple at local pubs, backyard barbecues, and diners for decades, symbolizing the laid-back, diverse culture of Australia.


How to prepare

  1. Cut the bread roll in half.
  2. Assemble all the ingredients between the two halves.
  3. Place it under a grill and heat it through (not necessary if assembled quickly).
  4. Eat it without a knife and fork and without taking the whole thing apart!


  • For a healthier version, use whole grain rolls, lean turkey mince, and low-fat cheese.
  • Vegetarian option: Replace the meat pattie with a grilled portobello mushroom or a homemade chickpea pattie.
  • For a spicier kick, add a slice of jalapeño or a dollop of spicy mayo.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

To ensure your Aussie Burger is as authentic and delicious as possible, consider these tips:

- Use high-quality, lean minced meat for the pattie to keep it juicy and flavorful.

- Lightly toast the roll to add a bit of crunch and prevent it from becoming soggy.

- For the best experience, use fresh produce for the lettuce, tomato, and beetroot.

- The fried egg should be just set, with a slightly runny yolk for added moisture.

- If you're adding pineapple, grill the ring lightly to caramelize it, enhancing its sweetness.

Serving Suggestions

Serve the Aussie Burger with a side of baked sweet potato fries or a fresh garden salad for a balanced meal. For a truly Australian experience, accompany it with a cold beer or a refreshing lemonade.

Cooking Techniques

Grilling the pineapple and bacon adds a smoky flavor that elevates the overall taste of the burger. Pan-frying the egg and meat pattie in a little oil helps to keep them moist and flavorful.

Ingredient Substitutions

If beetroot is not available, pickled red cabbage makes a good substitute.

- Can't find a suitable roll? Try using a large lettuce leaf as a wrap for a low-carb option.

- Avocado slices can replace cheese for a creamy texture and a dose of healthy fats.

Make Ahead Tips

Prepare the minced meat patties ahead of time and refrigerate them until ready to cook. Sliced vegetables and pineapple can also be prepped in advance to save time during assembly.

Presentation Ideas

Stack the ingredients high and skewer the burger with a bamboo stick to keep everything in place. Serve on a wooden board for a rustic look, accompanied by condiments on the side for added flair.

Pairing Recommendations

A crisp lager or pale ale complements the rich flavors of the Aussie Burger well. For a non-alcoholic option, try a ginger beer or a tart lemonade to cut through the burger's richness.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

Assembled burgers are best enjoyed fresh. However, cooked patties can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two days and reheated in a pan or microwave. Fresh ingredients should be added after reheating for the best texture and flavor.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

A typical Aussie Burger can contain anywhere from 600 to 800 calories, depending on the size of the portions and the inclusion of optional ingredients like bacon and pineapple.


The primary source of carbohydrates in an Aussie Burger comes from the roll and, to a lesser extent, the vegetables and pineapple. On average, a serving could contain approximately 45-60 grams of carbohydrates, depending on the size of the roll and the amount of beetroot and pineapple used.


The fats in an Aussie Burger are mainly found in the minced meat pattie, cheese, and bacon (if used). The total fat content can vary but expect around 20-30 grams per serving, with a significant portion being saturated fats from the meat and cheese. Opting for lean meat and reducing the cheese can lower the fat content.


This burger is a good source of protein, thanks to the minced meat pattie, egg, and bacon. Each serving can provide approximately 25-35 grams of protein, essential for muscle repair and growth.

Vitamins and minerals

The Aussie Burger offers a variety of vitamins and minerals, particularly from the vegetables and egg. Beetroot is rich in folate and manganese, while lettuce and tomato provide vitamin C and potassium. The egg contributes vitamins D and B12, along with selenium.


Common allergens in this recipe include gluten (in the roll), dairy (in the cheese), and eggs. Those with specific food allergies should modify the recipe accordingly or ensure that alternative ingredients are used.


Overall, the Aussie Burger is a high-calorie, nutrient-dense meal that provides a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, along with essential vitamins and minerals. It can be part of a balanced diet when consumed in moderation and paired with healthy side dishes.


The Aussie Burger is a delightful representation of Australia's culinary diversity, combining traditional elements with a twist of local flavors. Whether you're an Aussie wanting a taste of home or a curious foodie exploring international cuisines, this burger is sure to satisfy. Remember to balance this indulgent meal with healthy sides and enjoy the process of cooking and assembling these towering burgers.

How did I get this recipe?

The first time I saw this recipe, I was captivated by its flavors. A juicy beef patty topped with melted cheese, crispy bacon, a fried egg, and fresh veggies all sandwiched between two buttery buns - it was a sight to behold. I knew right away that I had to learn how to make this quintessential Aussie burger.

I first came across the recipe for the Aussie burger when I was visiting my friend in Sydney. We went to a local burger joint that was known for their delicious and unique creations. As soon as I took my first bite of the Aussie burger, I was hooked. The combination of ingredients was unlike anything I had ever tasted before.

I asked the chef at the restaurant if he would be willing to share his recipe with me, and to my surprise, he agreed. He told me that the key to a great Aussie burger was the quality of the ingredients. He stressed the importance of using fresh, local produce and high-quality meat. He also shared some tips and tricks for cooking the perfect burger patty and assembling the burger.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, I set out to recreate the Aussie burger in my own kitchen. I spent hours experimenting with different combinations of ingredients and cooking techniques until I finally perfected my own version of the iconic burger.

Over the years, I have continued to refine and tweak the recipe, adding my own personal touches along the way. I have shared the recipe with friends and family, who have all raved about how delicious it is. I even entered a burger competition once, and my Aussie burger took home first prize.

One of the things I love most about this recipe is that it is so versatile. You can customize it to suit your own tastes and preferences. Add some avocado for creaminess, or spice it up with some jalapenos. The possibilities are endless.

To make the Aussie burger, start by shaping ground beef into patties and seasoning them with salt and pepper. Cook the patties on a grill or stovetop until they are cooked to your liking. While the patties are cooking, fry some bacon strips until they are crispy.

Next, fry an egg sunny-side up in a skillet. Toast the buns until they are golden brown and spread them with a generous amount of butter. Assemble the burger by placing a patty on the bottom bun, followed by a slice of cheese, the fried egg, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, and any other toppings you desire.

The first time I made the Aussie burger for my family, they were blown away by how delicious it was. My grandchildren couldn't get enough of it, and they begged me to make it for them again and again. It has become a staple in our household, and I love being able to share this special recipe with the people I love.

In conclusion, the Aussie burger is a true culinary delight. Its bold flavors and hearty ingredients make it a favorite among burger lovers everywhere. I am grateful to have learned how to make this iconic dish and look forward to passing it down to future generations. So next time you're craving a burger with a twist, give the Aussie burger a try. You won't be disappointed.


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