Fried Chicken Salad with Buttermilk Herb Dressing Recipe from USA

Fried Chicken Salad with Buttermilk Herb Dressing

Fried Chicken Salad with Buttermilk Herb Dressing Recipe from USA
Region / culture: USA | Preparation time: 30 minutes | Cooking time: 20 minutes | Servings: 8


Fried Chicken Salad with Buttermilk Herb Dressing
Fried Chicken Salad with Buttermilk Herb Dressing

Fried Chicken Salad with Buttermilk Herb Dressing is a delicious and satisfying dish that combines crispy fried chicken with fresh vegetables and a creamy herb dressing. This recipe is perfect for a light and flavorful meal that is sure to impress your family and friends.


This recipe is a modern twist on the classic fried chicken salad. Fried chicken has been a popular dish in the United States for many years, with its origins dating back to the Southern states. The addition of buttermilk herb dressing adds a tangy and herbaceous flavor to the dish, making it a refreshing and tasty option for a summer meal.


Buttermilk herb dressing

How to prepare

  1. Combine buttermilk and pepper sauce in a food storage bag.
  2. Add chicken, seal bag and toss to coat.
  3. Marinate in the refrigerator for 8 hours.
  4. Bring a pot of salted water to a boil, add beans and blanch for 6 minutes or until tender.
  5. Drain the beans.
  6. Transfer the beans to a food storage bag and refrigerate until chilled.
  7. Drain the chicken and season the pieces with salt.
  8. Place flour on a sheet of wax paper, add chicken and toss to coat.
  9. Heat 1.5 tbsp oil in 2 skillets, add chicken and fry for 8 minutes or until browned and cooked through.
  10. Drain the chicken on paper towels.
  11. To serve, on each of 8 plates arrange 2 lettuce leaves, then top with beans.
  12. Set 3 pieces of chicken atop the beans, then add watercress and tomatoes.
  13. Season each serving with pepper.
  14. Serve with buttermilk herb dressing.

Buttermilk herb dressing

  1. Whisk buttermilk, sour cream, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper in a bowl until blended.
  2. Stir in chopped basil, chives, and parsley.
  3. Cover and refrigerate.


  • Substitute the chicken with grilled shrimp or tofu for a lighter option.
  • Add avocado slices or roasted nuts for extra flavor and texture.
  • Use a different herb combination for the dressing, such as cilantro and mint.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

Make sure to marinate the chicken in the buttermilk mixture for at least 8 hours to ensure that it is tender and flavorful.

- Blanching the yellow wax beans before assembling the salad helps to retain their vibrant color and crisp texture.

- Frying the chicken in batches ensures that it cooks evenly and becomes crispy on the outside.

- Be sure to season each component of the salad with salt and pepper to enhance the flavors of the dish.

Serving Suggestions

This Fried Chicken Salad with Buttermilk Herb Dressing can be served as a main dish for lunch or dinner. It pairs well with a side of crusty bread or cornbread.

Cooking Techniques

Blanching the beans helps to cook them quickly and retain their vibrant color.

- Frying the chicken in oil creates a crispy and flavorful coating.

Ingredient Substitutions

Use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream for a tangy twist.

- Substitute green beans or asparagus for the yellow wax beans.

- Use a different type of lettuce, such as arugula or spinach, for the base of the salad.

Make Ahead Tips

The chicken can be marinated in the buttermilk mixture and refrigerated overnight.

- The buttermilk herb dressing can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Presentation Ideas

Arrange the salad on a large platter for a beautiful presentation. - Garnish with additional herbs or edible flowers for a pop of color.

Pairing Recommendations

Serve this salad with a glass of crisp white wine or a refreshing iced tea.

- Pair with a side of fresh fruit or a light dessert, such as sorbet or fruit salad.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

Store any leftover salad in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

- Reheat the chicken in the oven or toaster oven to maintain its crispy texture.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

This recipe contains approximately 350 calories per serving.


This recipe contains approximately 35 grams of carbohydrates per serving.


This recipe contains approximately 15 grams of fat per serving.


This recipe contains approximately 30 grams of protein per serving.

Vitamins and minerals

This recipe is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron.


This recipe contains dairy (buttermilk, sour cream) and wheat (flour).


This Fried Chicken Salad with Buttermilk Herb Dressing is a balanced meal that provides a good mix of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals, making it a nutritious option for a satisfying meal.


Fried Chicken Salad with Buttermilk Herb Dressing is a flavorful and satisfying dish that is perfect for a light and refreshing meal. With a crispy fried chicken, fresh vegetables, and a creamy herb dressing, this recipe is sure to become a favorite in your household. Enjoy!

How did I get this recipe?

I remember the joy I felt when I first stumbled upon this recipe for Fried Chicken Salad with Buttermilk Herb Dressing. It was a warm summer day, much like today, when I found myself perusing through a local farmers market. The air was filled with the scent of fresh produce and the sound of cheerful chatter amongst the vendors and shoppers.

As I walked through the rows of stalls, my eyes landed on a stand that was selling freshly fried chicken. The golden brown pieces glistened in the sunlight, and I could practically hear the crispy crunch as I imagined taking a bite. I approached the stand and struck up a conversation with the friendly vendor, who shared with me the secret to his delectable fried chicken - a buttermilk herb dressing that elevated the dish to new heights.

Intrigued by the idea of incorporating fried chicken into a salad, I asked the vendor for the recipe. He gladly obliged, jotting down the ingredients and steps on a small piece of paper. I thanked him profusely and made my way home, eager to try out this new culinary creation.

Once I was back in my kitchen, I gathered the necessary ingredients and set to work. I marinated the chicken in a mixture of buttermilk and herbs, allowing the flavors to meld together and infuse the meat with a tangy kick. The scent of the marinade wafted through the air, hinting at the delicious meal that was to come.

As the chicken sizzled in the hot oil, I prepared the rest of the salad ingredients - fresh greens, ripe cherry tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and creamy avocado. I tossed them all together in a large bowl, eagerly anticipating the moment when I could add the golden brown pieces of fried chicken on top.

Once the chicken was cooked to perfection, I removed it from the oil and let it drain on a paper towel. The pieces were crispy and mouthwatering, the buttermilk herb dressing clinging to them in a tantalizing embrace. I carefully arranged the chicken on top of the salad, drizzling a little extra dressing over the top for good measure.

With a satisfied smile, I sat down to enjoy my creation. The first bite was a revelation - the crunch of the chicken, the freshness of the greens, and the tanginess of the dressing all combined to create a symphony of flavors in my mouth. I savored each bite, relishing the dish that had brought me so much joy and culinary satisfaction.

From that day on, Fried Chicken Salad with Buttermilk Herb Dressing became a staple in my cooking repertoire. I shared the recipe with friends and family, who all marveled at the unique combination of flavors and textures. It became a dish that was requested for special occasions and family gatherings, a reminder of the serendipitous moment when I stumbled upon it at the farmers market.

As I look back on that day now, I can't help but feel grateful for the chance encounter that led me to discover this delicious recipe. It has brought me countless moments of joy and culinary delight, a reminder of the power of food to bring people together and create lasting memories. And for that, I will always be thankful.


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