Chile-braised Beef Noodle Bowl Recipe from China

Chile-braised Beef Noodle Bowl

Chile-braised Beef Noodle Bowl Recipe from China
Region / culture: China | Preparation time: 30 minutes | Cooking time: 2.5 hours | Servings: 6-8


Chile-braised Beef Noodle Bowl
Chile-braised Beef Noodle Bowl

Chile-braised Beef Noodle Bowl is a flavorful and comforting dish that combines tender beef, chewy noodles, and crisp bok choy in a rich and aromatic broth. This dish is perfect for a cozy night in or for impressing guests with its complex flavors.


This recipe is inspired by traditional Chinese braised beef noodle dishes, which are popular in regions such as Sichuan and Taiwan. The use of bold spices like star anise and Chinese five-spice powder gives this dish its distinctive flavor profile.


Braising liquid

How to prepare

  1. For 6 to 8 servings, place a Dutch oven over medium-high heat until hot.
  2. Add oil, swirling to coat the bottom of the pan.
  3. Place the meat in the pan and brown for 2 minutes on each side.
  4. Add the braising liquid ingredients and bring to a boil.
  5. Reduce the heat, cover, and simmer until the beef is tender when pierced, approximately 2 to 2.5 hours.
  6. Near serving time, cook the noodles in a large pot of boiling water according to the package directions.
  7. Drain, rinse with cold water, and drain again.
  8. Divide the noodles among large soup bowls.
  9. In a pot of boiling water, cook the bok choy until tender, approximately 2 to 3 minutes.
  10. Drain and place over the noodles in each bowl.
  11. Remove the meat from the braising liquid and cut into chunks.
  12. Place the meat in the bowls with noodles.
  13. Ladle the hot broth over the noodles.
  14. Garnish with preserved vegetables and green onions, and serve.


  • Substitute the beef with pork or chicken for a different flavor profile.
  • Add extra vegetables like mushrooms or bell peppers for a more nutritious dish.
  • Make it vegetarian by using tofu or tempeh instead of meat.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

For extra depth of flavor, sear the beef before braising to develop a rich caramelized crust.

- Make sure to skim any excess fat from the broth before serving to keep the dish light and flavorful.

- Adjust the level of spiciness by adding more or less chili sauce to suit your taste preferences.

Serving Suggestions

Serve the Chile-braised Beef Noodle Bowl with a side of steamed rice or a simple cucumber salad for a complete meal.

Cooking Techniques

Braising the beef low and slow ensures that it becomes tender and flavorful, while cooking the noodles separately helps prevent them from becoming mushy.

Ingredient Substitutions

If you can't find Chinese egg noodles, you can use spaghetti or ramen noodles as a substitute. You can also use regular bok choy if baby bok choy is not available.

Make Ahead Tips

You can prepare the braised beef ahead of time and reheat it before serving. The noodles and bok choy can also be cooked in advance and reheated when needed.

Presentation Ideas

Serve the Chile-braised Beef Noodle Bowl in large soup bowls garnished with a sprinkle of chopped green onions and a drizzle of chili oil for a pop of color and flavor.

Pairing Recommendations

Pair this dish with a light and crisp white wine like a Riesling or a cold glass of oolong tea to complement the bold flavors of the broth.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

Store any leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Reheat gently on the stovetop or in the microwave until heated through.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

Each serving of Chile-braised Beef Noodle Bowl contains approximately 400 calories.


Each serving of Chile-braised Beef Noodle Bowl contains approximately 50 grams of carbohydrates.


Each serving of Chile-braised Beef Noodle Bowl contains approximately 20 grams of fats.


Each serving of Chile-braised Beef Noodle Bowl contains approximately 40 grams of proteins.

Vitamins and minerals

This dish is rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin C from the bok choy and garlic, as well as iron and zinc from the beef.


This recipe contains soy and wheat from the soy sauce and noodles, so it may not be suitable for those with soy or wheat allergies.


Chile-braised Beef Noodle Bowl is a balanced dish that provides a good mix of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, as well as essential vitamins and minerals.


Chile-braised Beef Noodle Bowl is a delicious and satisfying dish that combines tender beef, chewy noodles, and crisp bok choy in a flavorful broth. With a balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, as well as essential vitamins and minerals, this dish is a nutritious and comforting option for any meal.

How did I get this recipe?

The first time I saw this recipe, I was immediately intrigued. It was a cold, rainy day and I was flipping through an old cookbook that had been handed down to me from my mother. As I turned the yellowed pages, a picture caught my eye - a steaming bowl of Chile-braised Beef Noodle Bowl. The vibrant colors and rich flavors seemed to jump off the page, and I knew I had to try it.

I had never made anything like it before, but I was determined to learn. I had always loved experimenting in the kitchen, and this recipe seemed like the perfect challenge. So, I gathered up the ingredients and set to work.

The recipe called for a rich broth made from beef bones, dried chilies, and aromatics. I had never made my own broth before, but I was excited to give it a try. As the broth simmered on the stove, filling the air with its savory aroma, I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Next, I marinated the beef in a mixture of soy sauce, ginger, and garlic. The smell of the marinade was intoxicating, and I knew that the beef would be flavorful and tender after braising in the broth.

As the beef simmered in the broth, I prepared the noodles. I used a thick, chewy variety that would soak up the flavors of the broth and beef. I cooked them until they were just al dente, then transferred them to a bowl, ready to be topped with the tender, spicy beef.

Finally, it was time to assemble the dish. I ladled the beef and broth over the noodles, garnishing it with fresh herbs and a squeeze of lime. The colors and aromas of the dish were even more beautiful than I had imagined, and I couldn't wait to taste it.

As I took my first bite, I was transported to another world. The flavors were bold and complex, with a perfect balance of heat, sweetness, and acidity. The beef was tender and succulent, and the noodles soaked up the rich broth like a sponge. It was a truly unforgettable dining experience.

From that day on, Chile-braised Beef Noodle Bowl became a staple in my kitchen. I made it for family gatherings, dinner parties, and quiet nights at home. Each time I cooked it, I added my own twist or variation, making the recipe truly my own.

Over the years, I shared the recipe with friends and family, passing on the tradition of this delicious dish. I taught my grandchildren how to make it, passing down the knowledge and love that went into each bowl.

Now, as I look back on that rainy day when I first discovered Chile-braised Beef Noodle Bowl, I can't help but smile. It was the beginning of a culinary journey that has brought me joy, satisfaction, and a deep connection to my past.

And as I sit down to enjoy a bowl of this comforting, flavorful dish, I am grateful for the experiences and memories that have shaped me into the cook I am today. Cooking is not just about following a recipe - it's about creativity, passion, and sharing love with those around you.

So, if you ever find yourself in need of a warm, comforting meal, look no further than Chile-braised Beef Noodle Bowl. It may just become a beloved tradition in your own kitchen, passed down through generations to come.


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