Charlie Chaplin Recipe: Sloe Gin, Brandy, and Lemon Juice Cocktail

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin Recipe: Sloe Gin, Brandy, and Lemon Juice Cocktail
Region / culture: USA | Preparation time: 5 minutes | Servings: 1


Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin

The Charlie Chaplin cocktail is a classic drink that is both refreshing and flavorful. This cocktail is perfect for those who enjoy a citrusy and slightly sweet beverage.


The Charlie Chaplin cocktail was created during the Prohibition era in the United States. It was named after the famous silent film actor, Charlie Chaplin, who was known for his comedic performances. This cocktail became popular in the 1920s and has remained a favorite among cocktail enthusiasts ever since.


How to prepare

  1. Shake the ingredients with ice and strain the mixture into a cordial glass.


  • You can add a splash of grenadine to the Charlie Chaplin cocktail for a touch of sweetness.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

When making the Charlie Chaplin cocktail, be sure to use fresh lemon juice for the best flavor. You can also adjust the amount of sloe gin and brandy to suit your personal taste preferences.

Serving Suggestions

Serve the Charlie Chaplin cocktail in a chilled cordial glass for a sophisticated presentation.

Cooking Techniques

Shake the ingredients with ice to chill the cocktail and blend the flavors together.

Ingredient Substitutions

You can substitute lime juice for lemon juice if desired.

Make Ahead Tips

You can prepare the ingredients for the Charlie Chaplin cocktail ahead of time and shake them with ice when ready to serve.

Presentation Ideas

Garnish the Charlie Chaplin cocktail with a lemon twist for an elegant touch.

Pairing Recommendations

This cocktail pairs well with light appetizers such as bruschetta or shrimp cocktail.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

Store any leftover Charlie Chaplin cocktail in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Shake well before serving.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

The Charlie Chaplin cocktail contains approximately 120 calories per serving.


The Charlie Chaplin cocktail contains approximately 5 grams of carbohydrates per serving.


The Charlie Chaplin cocktail does not contain any fats.


The Charlie Chaplin cocktail does not contain any proteins.

Vitamins and minerals

This cocktail contains vitamin C from the lemon juice.


This cocktail may contain sulfites from the sloe gin and brandy.


Overall, the Charlie Chaplin cocktail is a relatively low-calorie beverage that is best enjoyed in moderation.


The Charlie Chaplin cocktail is a timeless classic that is sure to impress your guests with its citrusy and smooth flavor profile. Enjoy this cocktail as a pre-dinner drink or as a refreshing sip on a warm day. Cheers!

How did I get this recipe?

I can still remember the exact moment I stumbled upon this recipe for Charlie Chaplin. It was a hot summer day, and I was visiting my dear friend Margaret, who lived in a quaint little village in the countryside. Margaret was known for her incredible cooking skills, and every time I visited her, she would always surprise me with a new and delicious dish.

On this particular day, Margaret had invited me over for lunch, and as soon as I stepped into her cozy kitchen, I was greeted by the most amazing aroma. She was busy chopping vegetables and humming a tune as she prepared our meal. Curious as always, I asked her what she was making, and she replied with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, "It's a recipe I learned from an old friend many years ago. It's called Charlie Chaplin."

Intrigued by the name, I eagerly watched as Margaret cooked, taking mental notes of every ingredient and step she took. The dish came together beautifully, a colorful mix of vegetables and spices that filled the kitchen with a mouthwatering scent. As we sat down to eat, I took my first bite of Charlie Chaplin and was instantly blown away by the explosion of flavors in my mouth.

From that moment on, I knew I had to learn how to make this incredible dish. Margaret graciously shared the recipe with me, and I quickly added it to my ever-growing collection of culinary secrets. Over the years, I perfected the recipe, adding my own twists and improvements until it became a signature dish that my family and friends couldn't get enough of.

The story behind the name of the dish was just as intriguing as its taste. Margaret explained that she had learned the recipe from a charming old man who used to be a chef at a famous restaurant in Paris. He had traveled the world and cooked for many celebrities, including the legendary actor Charlie Chaplin. The dish was named in his honor, a tribute to the iconic star who had a penchant for good food.

As I continued to make Charlie Chaplin for my loved ones, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride and nostalgia with each bite. The dish had become more than just a recipe to me – it was a connection to the past, a reminder of the friendships and memories that had shaped my life. I often wondered about the old chef who had first shared the recipe with Margaret, and I hoped that wherever he was, he knew that his creation lived on in the kitchens of people like me.

Years passed, and I shared the recipe for Charlie Chaplin with my children and grandchildren, passing down the tradition of good food and cherished memories. It became a staple at family gatherings and special occasions, a dish that always brought smiles and laughter to the table. I loved watching my loved ones enjoy it as much as I did, knowing that it would continue to be a part of our family for generations to come.

And so, every time I make Charlie Chaplin, I am transported back to that sunny day in Margaret's kitchen, where I first discovered the magic of this incredible dish. It's a reminder of the power of food to bring people together, to create moments of joy and connection that transcend time and space. And for that, I will always be grateful to the old chef, to Margaret, and to the legendary actor who inspired it all.


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