Fruit Cubes Recipe: Nectarines and Lemon Juice Delight

Fruit Cubes

Fruit Cubes Recipe: Nectarines and Lemon Juice Delight
Preparation time: 10 minutes | Cooking time: 0 minutes | Servings: 12


Fruit Cubes
Fruit Cubes

Fruit cubes are a refreshing and healthy treat that are perfect for hot summer days. Made with fresh nectarines and a splash of lemon juice, these frozen cubes are a delicious way to cool off and enjoy a burst of fruity flavor.


Fruit cubes have been a popular snack for many years, especially in regions with hot climates. The idea of freezing fruit puree into cubes is a simple yet ingenious way to enjoy the natural sweetness of fresh fruit in a convenient and portable form.


How to prepare

  1. Combine peaches, plums or nectarines and lemon juice in a blender; puree.
  2. Pour the mixture into ice cube trays and freeze.
  3. Serve the frozen cubes with iced tea, club soda, or lemonade.
  4. This recipe is reprinted with permission from the California Tree Fruit Agreement.
  5. Alternate use: Place a toothpick in each cube before freezing and serve as appetizers or snacks on a hot day.


  • Try using different types of fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries, or mango, for a variety of flavors.
  • Add a sprinkle of cinnamon or a dash of vanilla extract to the fruit puree for a hint of warmth and spice.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

Make sure to use ripe and juicy nectarines for the best flavor.

- You can also use peaches or plums in place of nectarines for a different flavor profile.

- Adding a touch of honey or agave syrup to the fruit puree can enhance the sweetness.

- For a fun twist, try adding a few mint leaves or a splash of coconut water to the mixture before freezing.

Serving Suggestions

Serve the fruit cubes as a refreshing snack on a hot day, or add them to your favorite beverages for a fruity twist.

Cooking Techniques

Blending the fruit and lemon juice together creates a smooth and creamy puree that freezes into perfect cubes.

Ingredient Substitutions

Feel free to experiment with different types of fruit and citrus juices to create your own unique flavor combinations.

Make Ahead Tips

You can prepare the fruit puree in advance and freeze it in ice cube trays for a quick and easy snack option.

Presentation Ideas

Serve the fruit cubes in a chilled glass with a sprig of mint or a slice of lemon for a beautiful and refreshing presentation.

Pairing Recommendations

Enjoy the fruit cubes with a glass of sparkling water, iced tea, or a fruity cocktail for a delicious and hydrating treat.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

Store any leftover fruit cubes in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 1 month. Simply thaw them slightly before serving.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

Each serving of fruit cubes contains approximately 60 calories, making them a light and guilt-free snack option.


Each serving of fruit cubes contains approximately 15 grams of carbohydrates, making them a great source of energy for a quick pick-me-up.


Fruit cubes are naturally low in fat, with less than 1 gram of fat per serving.


There is minimal protein in fruit cubes, with less than 1 gram per serving.

Vitamins and minerals

Fruit cubes are a good source of vitamin C, potassium, and fiber, all of which are important for overall health and well-being.


Fruit cubes are naturally gluten-free and dairy-free, making them suitable for those with food allergies or sensitivities.


Overall, fruit cubes are a nutritious and delicious snack option that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.


Fruit cubes are a simple and delicious way to enjoy the natural sweetness of fresh fruit in a convenient and portable form. With just a few ingredients and a little bit of time, you can create a refreshing and healthy snack that is perfect for hot summer days.

How did I get this recipe?

I remember the sense of wonder I felt when I first saw this recipe for Fruit Cubes. It was a warm summer day, and I had been invited to a friend's house for a garden party. As I walked into her kitchen, the sweet smell of ripe fruit wafted through the air, and my friend handed me a small, colorful cube. Curious, I popped it into my mouth and was immediately met with a burst of refreshing fruit flavor.

"Wow, what is this?" I exclaimed, my taste buds tingling with delight.

My friend smiled and explained that her grandmother had taught her how to make these delicious fruit cubes. They were a perfect treat for a hot summer day, bursting with the flavors of fresh, ripe fruit.

I knew right then and there that I had to learn how to make these fruit cubes myself. So, I asked my friend for the recipe, and she kindly agreed to share it with me.

The next day, I gathered all the ingredients I would need to make the fruit cubes. The recipe was simple yet elegant, calling for a variety of fresh fruits, sugar, and gelatin. I carefully followed the instructions, chopping the fruit into small, uniform pieces and mixing them with the sugar and gelatin.

As the mixture simmered on the stove, the aroma of sweet fruit filled my kitchen, and memories of summers past flooded my mind. I remembered picking ripe strawberries with my grandmother in her garden, the warm sun on my back and the earthy scent of the soil beneath my feet.

My grandmother was the one who had first sparked my love for cooking. She was a talented cook, with a vast collection of recipes passed down through generations. I had spent countless hours in her kitchen, watching in awe as she whipped up intricate dishes with ease and grace.

One of my favorite memories was the summer she taught me how to make her famous peach cobbler. We spent an entire afternoon peeling and slicing juicy, fragrant peaches, the sticky juice running down our fingers as we worked. The cobbler turned out perfectly, with a golden crust and tender, sweet peaches oozing with flavor.

As I stirred the fruit mixture for the cubes, I couldn't help but smile at the memories of my grandmother and the lessons she had taught me. She had instilled in me a passion for cooking and a love for fresh, seasonal ingredients.

After the mixture had cooled and set in the refrigerator, I carefully sliced it into small, colorful cubes. Each one was a masterpiece of vibrant fruit flavors, a symphony of tastes and textures that danced on my tongue.

I packaged up the fruit cubes in a beautiful glass jar and brought them to my friend's house for another garden party. As I passed them around, I watched with delight as my friends' faces lit up with joy at the first taste of the refreshing fruit cubes.

From that day on, the recipe for Fruit Cubes became a staple in my kitchen. I made them for every occasion, from family gatherings to potluck dinners with friends. Each time I made them, I felt a sense of gratitude for the friendships and memories that had brought me to this moment.

As I sit here now, reflecting on the journey that led me to discover the recipe for Fruit Cubes, I am filled with a deep sense of contentment. Cooking has always been a source of joy and connection for me, a way to honor the traditions of my past and create new memories for the future.

And as I take a bite of a freshly made fruit cube, the flavors exploding in my mouth like a burst of summer sunshine, I know that this recipe will always hold a special place in my heart. It is a reminder of the love and laughter that fills my kitchen, a testament to the power of good food to bring people together and create lasting memories.


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