French Onion Soup I Recipe - Ingredients and Directions

French Onion Soup I

French Onion Soup I Recipe - Ingredients and Directions
Region / culture: Canada, France | Preparation time: 15 minutes | Cooking time: 1 hour | Servings: 4


French Onion Soup I
French Onion Soup I

French Onion Soup is a classic and comforting dish that originated in France. It is a hearty soup made with caramelized onions, beef and chicken stock, white wine, and topped with toasted French bread and melted cheese. This recipe is perfect for a cozy night in or for entertaining guests.


French Onion Soup has been around for centuries and is believed to have originated in France during the 18th century. It was originally a peasant dish, as onions were plentiful and inexpensive. Over time, it became a popular dish in French cuisine and eventually spread to other countries around the world.


French Onion Soup

How to prepare

  1. Saute the onions in butter until they become limp.
  2. Add the flour, salt, pepper, garlic, and sugar.
  3. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, for about 5 minutes.
  4. Add the parsley flakes, thyme, beef stock, chicken stock, and wine.
  5. Simmer for 45 minutes.
  6. Add the cognac.
  7. Toast the French bread and place it in the bottom of ovenproof soup bowls.
  8. Sprinkle generously with Parmesan cheese.
  9. Ladle the soup into the bowls.
  10. Top with mozzarella cheese (thin slice or grated).
  11. Place under the broiler until the cheese melts and the soup bubbles.


  • Add cooked shredded beef or chicken for a meatier version of the soup.
  • Use vegetable stock instead of beef and chicken stock for a vegetarian option.
  • Add a splash of balsamic vinegar for a tangy twist.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

Be patient when caramelizing the onions, as this process can take some time but is essential for developing the rich flavor of the soup.

- Use a mix of beef and chicken stock for a more complex flavor profile.

- Adding a splash of cognac at the end of cooking adds a depth of flavor to the soup.

- Toasting the French bread before adding it to the soup bowls helps to prevent it from becoming soggy.

- Use a mix of Parmesan and mozzarella cheese for a delicious cheesy topping.

Serving Suggestions

French Onion Soup is best served hot and topped with melted cheese. Serve with a side of crusty bread or a green salad for a complete meal.

Cooking Techniques

Caramelizing the onions is the key technique in making French Onion Soup. This process involves cooking the onions slowly over low heat until they become golden brown and sweet.

Ingredient Substitutions

Use olive oil instead of butter for a dairy-free version of the soup.

- Use gluten-free flour or cornstarch as a thickening agent.

- Use red wine or sherry instead of white wine for a different flavor profile.

Make Ahead Tips

French Onion Soup can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Reheat on the stovetop or in the microwave before serving.

Presentation Ideas

Serve French Onion Soup in ovenproof soup bowls and top with a generous amount of melted cheese. Garnish with fresh parsley or thyme for a pop of color.

Pairing Recommendations

French Onion Soup pairs well with a crisp green salad, a glass of white wine, or a crusty baguette.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

Store any leftover French Onion Soup in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Reheat on the stovetop over low heat until warmed through.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

Each serving of French Onion Soup contains approximately 300 calories.


Each serving of French Onion Soup contains approximately 30 grams of carbohydrates.


Each serving of French Onion Soup contains approximately 15 grams of fats.


Each serving of French Onion Soup contains approximately 10 grams of proteins.

Vitamins and minerals

French Onion Soup is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, and calcium.


French Onion Soup contains dairy (butter, cheese) and gluten (flour, bread).


French Onion Soup is a hearty and flavorful dish that is relatively high in carbohydrates and fats. It is a good source of proteins and various vitamins and minerals.


French Onion Soup is a classic and comforting dish that is perfect for a cozy night in or for entertaining guests. With its rich flavor and cheesy topping, this soup is sure to be a hit with everyone at the table.

How did I get this recipe?

I remember the sense of anticipation I felt when I first discovered this recipe for French Onion Soup. It was many years ago, when I was just a young girl living in a small village in the French countryside. My grandmother, who was an excellent cook herself, had learned this recipe from her own mother, who had learned it from her mother before her. The tradition of making French Onion Soup had been passed down through the generations in our family, and I was eager to learn the secret to making this delicious dish.

I remember the day my grandmother first taught me how to make French Onion Soup. It was a cold winter day, and the smell of onions and garlic simmering on the stove filled the kitchen with warmth and comfort. My grandmother showed me how to slice the onions thinly, so they would caramelize and release their sweet flavor as they cooked. She taught me how to sauté them slowly in butter until they were soft and golden brown, and then to deglaze the pan with a splash of white wine to add a depth of flavor to the soup.

As the onions cooked, my grandmother shared stories with me about her own mother and the times they had spent together in the kitchen, making French Onion Soup and other traditional dishes. She told me about the importance of using fresh, high-quality ingredients, and how a little extra care and attention could elevate a simple dish into something truly special.

I watched as my grandmother added the beef broth to the pot, along with a bouquet garni of fresh herbs and a splash of brandy for richness. She seasoned the soup with salt and pepper, and let it simmer on the stove for hours, filling the house with the rich, savory aroma of onions and beef.

When the soup was finally ready, my grandmother ladled it into bowls and topped each one with a slice of toasted baguette and a generous handful of grated Gruyère cheese. She placed the bowls under the broiler until the cheese was melted and bubbly, and then served them piping hot to my family gathered around the table.

As I took my first spoonful of the soup, I was overwhelmed by the depth of flavor and the warmth it brought to my soul. The sweet, caramelized onions, the rich beef broth, and the gooey, melted cheese all came together in a harmonious symphony of tastes and textures. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before, and I knew in that moment that this recipe would become a treasured part of my own culinary repertoire.

Over the years, I have continued to make French Onion Soup for my family and friends, sharing the recipe and the stories that accompany it with anyone who is willing to listen. I have added my own twist to the traditional dish, experimenting with different types of cheese, herbs, and seasonings to create a soup that is uniquely my own.

But no matter how many variations I try, the essence of the recipe remains the same – a simple, humble dish that is full of love, tradition, and memories. And every time I make French Onion Soup, I am transported back to that cold winter day in my grandmother's kitchen, surrounded by the comforting aroma of onions and garlic, and the warmth of her love and guidance.


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