Foto Bread Recipe with Bonfoutou - Easy and Healthy Meal for Any Occasion

Foto Bread

Foto Bread Recipe with Bonfoutou - Easy and Healthy Meal for Any Occasion
Preparation time: 10 minutes | Cooking time: 0 minutes | Servings: 1


Foto Bread
Foto Bread

Foto Bread is a traditional African dish made from Bonfoutou, a type of yam flour. This simple yet delicious bread is a staple in many African households and is often enjoyed with soups and stews.


Foto Bread has been a popular dish in West Africa for centuries. It is believed to have originated in the Ivory Coast and has since spread to other countries in the region. The recipe has been passed down through generations and is a beloved part of African cuisine.


How to prepare

  1. Heat the water until it is warm.
  2. Check the temperature of the water with your finger to ensure it is not too hot. Fill two identical bowls with the same level of water. In one bowl, add the Bonfoutou. In the other bowl, add the warm water.
  3. To ensure equal quantities, you can use a glass to measure. Pour the flakes into the bowl with the warm water all at once. Stir well with a fork until a consistent dough is formed. Take out the equivalent of one foto bread-sized portion of yam dough. Moisten your hands and knead the dough until it becomes a smooth foto bread.


  • Foto Bread can be customized with the addition of herbs, spices, or other flavorings to suit your taste preferences. You can also experiment with different types of flour or grains to create a unique twist on this traditional dish.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

When making Foto Bread, it is important to use warm water to ensure that the dough comes together properly. Kneading the dough until it is smooth and consistent is also key to achieving the perfect texture for the bread.

Serving Suggestions

Foto Bread can be served alongside soups, stews, or grilled meats for a complete meal. It can also be enjoyed on its own with a spread of butter or jam for a simple and satisfying snack.

Cooking Techniques

The key to making Foto Bread is to knead the dough until it is smooth and consistent. This will ensure that the bread has the right texture and does not fall apart when cooked.

Ingredient Substitutions

If you cannot find Bonfoutou, you can use another type of yam flour or even substitute with a different type of flour such as cassava or plantain flour. Just be aware that this may alter the flavor and texture of the bread.

Make Ahead Tips

Foto Bread can be made ahead of time and stored in an airtight container for up to 3 days. Simply reheat in the oven or microwave before serving to enjoy it fresh.

Presentation Ideas

Foto Bread can be shaped into small rounds or flattened discs before cooking to create a visually appealing presentation. You can also garnish with sesame seeds or herbs for added flavor and texture.

Pairing Recommendations

Foto Bread pairs well with a variety of dishes, including soups, stews, grilled meats, and salads. It can also be enjoyed with dips, spreads, or sauces for a tasty appetizer or snack.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

Store Foto Bread in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 days. To reheat, simply warm in the oven or microwave until heated through.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

A serving of Foto Bread typically contains around 150-200 calories, depending on the size of the portion. This makes it a relatively low-calorie food that can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.


Foto Bread is a carbohydrate-rich food, with the main ingredient being yam flour. Carbohydrates are an important source of energy for the body and are essential for overall health.


Foto Bread is a low-fat food, making it a healthy option for those looking to reduce their fat intake. The absence of added fats in the recipe also makes it a good choice for those following a low-fat diet.


While Foto Bread is not a significant source of protein, it can be paired with protein-rich dishes such as soups and stews to create a balanced meal. Adding beans or meat to the dish can increase the protein content.

Vitamins and minerals

Yams are a good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, and manganese. Foto Bread made from yam flour retains some of these nutrients, making it a nutritious choice.


Foto Bread is a gluten-free food, making it suitable for those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease. However, it is important to check the packaging of the yam flour to ensure that it has not come into contact with gluten-containing ingredients.


Foto Bread is a nutritious and versatile dish that can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. It is low in fat, rich in carbohydrates, and contains essential vitamins and minerals.


Foto Bread is a delicious and nutritious African dish made from yam flour. With its simple ingredients and easy preparation, it is a versatile option for any meal or occasion. Enjoy Foto Bread with your favorite dishes for a taste of West African cuisine.

How did I get this recipe?

The first time I saw this recipe, I knew I had to try it. It was called Foto Bread, a traditional dish from a small village in Italy that my friend Maria had told me about. She had visited the village years ago and had learned the recipe from a local baker who was kind enough to share his secrets with her.

I was immediately intrigued by the thought of making this bread, as I had never heard of it before. Maria described it as a hearty, flavorful loaf that was perfect for dipping in olive oil or serving alongside a cozy bowl of soup. She also mentioned that it was a labor of love to make, but the end result was well worth the effort.

I asked Maria to teach me how to make Foto Bread, and she happily agreed. We set a date to get together and spend the day baking. I was excited to learn a new recipe from my friend, especially one with such a rich history behind it.

The day of our baking adventure arrived, and Maria came over with all the ingredients we needed to make Foto Bread. She had brought along a bag of flour, some yeast, olive oil, salt, and an assortment of herbs and spices. As we gathered around the kitchen counter, Maria began to explain the process of making the bread.

First, we mixed the flour and yeast together in a large bowl, creating a well in the center to pour in the warm water. Maria told me that the water needed to be at the perfect temperature in order to activate the yeast and help the dough rise. As she kneaded the dough with her hands, I watched in awe at how effortlessly she worked the mixture into a smooth, elastic ball.

Next, we let the dough rest and rise for a few hours, allowing the yeast to do its magic. During this time, Maria shared stories of her travels to Italy and the delicious foods she had tried along the way. I listened intently, soaking in every detail of her adventures and the flavors she had experienced.

After the dough had doubled in size, we punched it down and shaped it into a loaf before placing it in the oven to bake. The smell of fresh bread filled the kitchen, and I could hardly wait to taste the final product. As the bread baked to a golden brown perfection, Maria and I chatted about life, love, and the importance of sharing recipes with friends and family.

When the timer dinged, we eagerly pulled the Foto Bread out of the oven and let it cool on a wire rack. The crust was crispy, and the inside was soft and fluffy, just as Maria had promised. We sliced into the loaf and savored our first bite, savoring the flavors of the herbs and spices that had infused the bread.

As we sat at the table enjoying our creation, Maria looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. "It's amazing how food can bring people together and create lasting memories," she said softly. I nodded in agreement, feeling grateful for the opportunity to learn a new recipe and spend time with a dear friend.

From that day on, Foto Bread became a staple in my kitchen, a recipe that I would pass down to future generations. Every time I make it, I think of Maria and our baking adventure, and I am reminded of the joy that comes from sharing food and stories with loved ones.

So, if you ever find yourself in need of a comforting loaf of bread to warm your soul, look no further than Foto Bread. It may take time and effort to make, but the end result is a delicious masterpiece that will bring people together and create lasting memories for years to come.


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