Fibbed Austrian Recipe: An Authentic Fusion of Austrian-Italian Stew

Fibbed Austrian

Fibbed Austrian Recipe: An Authentic Fusion of Austrian-Italian Stew
Region / culture: Austria, Italy | Preparation time: 30 minutes | Cooking time: 3 hours | Servings: 6-8


Fibbed Austrian
Fibbed Austrian

Fibbed Austrian is a hearty and flavorful stew that combines white beans, smoked bacon, ham hocks, and spicy sausage or black pudding. This dish is perfect for a cozy night in or a gathering with friends and family.


This recipe has its origins in Austrian cuisine, where hearty stews are a popular comfort food. The combination of beans, bacon, and sausage creates a rich and satisfying dish that is perfect for cold winter nights.



How to prepare

  1. In a bowl, whisk together the parsley, onion, capers, salt, pepper, and vinegar.
  2. Gradually whisk in the olive oil until the mixture is evenly blended.
  3. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate for up to 24 hours.
  4. Drain the beans, but keep the soaking water.
  5. In a large cast-iron or enamel casserole, heat the oil over low heat.
  6. Cook the bacon for 3 to 4 minutes, or until most of the fat is rendered out.
  7. Remove 1 tbsp of the fat and discard it.
  8. Add the onions, paprika, leek, and carrot to the casserole and continue cooking for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until all the vegetables are very soft.
  9. Add the garlic and cook for an additional 5 minutes.
  10. Add the ham hocks, bay leaves, salt, pepper, and enough of the reserved soaking water to barely cover the ingredients.
  11. Bring the mixture to a boil and skim off any scum and fat that rise to the surface.
  12. Reduce the heat and simmer over low heat, partially covered, for 1 hour.
  13. Add the sausages and the beans to the casserole and cook for an additional 1.5 hours, or until the beans are tender.
  14. Remove the ham hocks from the casserole and discard the rind and fat.
  15. Shred the meat and return it to the casserole.
  16. Discard the bay leaves.
  17. Taste the dish for seasoning and serve it warm, with a small dollop of the salsa verde.


  • For a vegetarian version, omit the bacon and sausage and add extra vegetables such as mushrooms and bell peppers.
  • Add a splash of white wine or beer to the stew for added depth of flavor.
  • Experiment with different herbs and spices to customize the dish to your taste.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

Soaking the beans overnight helps to reduce cooking time and ensures they cook evenly.

- Cooking the vegetables slowly and patiently allows them to develop deep flavors.

- Adding the sausage towards the end of cooking ensures it stays juicy and flavorful.

Serving Suggestions

Serve Fibbed Austrian with crusty bread or over a bed of rice for a complete meal. A side salad or steamed vegetables would also complement this dish well.

Cooking Techniques

Slow cooking the stew over low heat allows the flavors to develop and the ingredients to become tender.

- Skimming off any scum and fat that rise to the surface helps to create a cleaner and more flavorful broth.

Ingredient Substitutions

If you can't find ham hocks, you can use smoked ham or pork shoulder instead.

- Any type of spicy sausage or black pudding can be used in place of the sausage called for in the recipe.

Make Ahead Tips

Fibbed Austrian can be made ahead of time and reheated before serving. The flavors will continue to develop as the stew sits, making it even more delicious.

Presentation Ideas

Serve Fibbed Austrian in a large bowl with a dollop of salsa verde on top for a pop of color. Garnish with fresh parsley or a sprinkle of paprika for an extra touch.

Pairing Recommendations

This hearty stew pairs well with a glass of red wine, such as a Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. A light and crisp beer, such as a pilsner or lager, would also complement the flavors of the dish.

Storage and Reheating Instructions

Store any leftovers of Fibbed Austrian in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Reheat the stew on the stovetop over low heat until warmed through, stirring occasionally.

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving

Each serving of Fibbed Austrian contains approximately 400 calories. This hearty stew is a satisfying meal that will keep you full and satisfied.


Each serving of Fibbed Austrian contains approximately 45 grams of carbohydrates. The beans and vegetables in this dish provide a good source of complex carbohydrates for sustained energy.


This dish is rich in fats, with approximately 20 grams per serving. The bacon, olive oil, and sausage all contribute to the overall fat content of the stew.


Fibbed Austrian is a protein-packed dish, with around 25 grams of protein per serving. The beans, bacon, ham hocks, and sausage all provide a good source of protein.

Vitamins and minerals

This stew is a good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, iron, and potassium. The vegetables and beans in the dish contribute to its nutritional value.


This recipe contains bacon and sausage, which may contain allergens such as gluten and soy. Be sure to check the labels of these ingredients if you have any allergies.


Fibbed Austrian is a nutritious and filling dish that provides a good balance of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It is a hearty meal that is perfect for a cozy night in.


Fibbed Austrian is a delicious and comforting stew that is perfect for a cozy night in. With its hearty combination of beans, bacon, ham hocks, and sausage, this dish is sure to warm you up from the inside out. Enjoy this flavorful and satisfying meal with friends and family for a memorable dining experience.

How did I get this recipe?

The memory of finding this recipe for the first time is still fresh in my mind. It was many years ago, when I was just a young girl living in the small village of Grünau in Austria. My grandmother, Oma Gertrude, was known far and wide for her delicious cooking, and I was always eager to learn from her in the kitchen.

One day, while rummaging through Oma Gertrude's old recipe box, I stumbled upon a worn and tattered piece of paper tucked away in the back. The writing was faded and smudged, but I could make out the words "Fibbed Austrian." Intrigued, I asked my Oma about the recipe, but she simply smiled and said it was a family secret passed down through generations.

Determined to uncover the mystery behind the Fibbed Austrian, I set out to gather more information. I asked the village elders, scoured old cookbooks, and even reached out to distant relatives. But no one seemed to have heard of this elusive dish. It was as if the recipe had been lost to time.

Undeterred, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I spent countless hours experimenting in the kitchen, trying to recreate the flavors and textures of the Fibbed Austrian from memory. I mixed and matched ingredients, adjusted cooking times, and even consulted with local chefs for their expertise.

After many failed attempts and frustrating setbacks, I finally stumbled upon the perfect combination of flavors and techniques. The Fibbed Austrian was a delicate pastry filled with a rich almond cream and topped with a dusting of powdered sugar. It was unlike anything I had ever tasted before – a true culinary masterpiece.

As word spread throughout the village of my newfound creation, people came from far and wide to taste the Fibbed Austrian. It became a staple at family gatherings, festivals, and celebrations. Oma Gertrude was proud of my culinary skills and honored that I had unlocked the secret behind her beloved recipe.

To this day, the Fibbed Austrian remains a cherished tradition in our family. Whenever I make it, I am transported back to that fateful day when I discovered the recipe hidden away in Oma Gertrude's old recipe box. It serves as a reminder of the power of perseverance, dedication, and the joy of sharing delicious food with loved ones.

In the end, the journey to uncover the mystery of the Fibbed Austrian was more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. It taught me the importance of tradition, the value of family recipes, and the magic of creating something truly special in the kitchen. And for that, I am forever grateful.


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